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Module 2: Group Schedule Reset

Enabling the Progress Reset

The Group Schedule Reset module allows you to schedule the reset of course progress for users within a group. Follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Go to LearnDash LMS > Groups > Edit Group > Settings.
  2. Toggle the “Reset Courses Progress” option under Display and Content Options to “On”.
Group Schedule Reset

Configuring Reset Parameters

You can configure when and how course progress is reset. Adjust the parameters as needed:

  • Course Date Type: Whether to reset progress from course enrollment date, course completion date or on a custom date. One of the following options can be selected:
    • Enrollment Date
    • Completion Date
    • Custom Date
Group Schedule Reset
  • Reset Duration: Choose the duration after which progress will reset.
Group Schedule Reset
  • Reset Duration Type: Reset course progress after X minutes/days/months. One of the following options can be selected:
    • Minutes
    • Days
    • Months
Group Schedule Reset

You need to configure all of these settings together to understand the impact they will have. For instance, if you configure it like this:

  • Course Date Type -> “Completion Date”
  • Reset Duration -> 7
  • Reset Duration Type: Days
Group Schedule Reset

The above configuration means that the user’s course progress will reset after 7 Days of Course Completion Date.

Using the Frontend Shortcode

This module comes with a readymade shortcode [lat_group_leader_groups_reset] which can be used to allow Group Leaders to set up Group Schedule Reset for his/her groups.

Group Schedule Reset

Backup Recommendations

It’s crucial to emphasize that resetting course progress affects the database, and lost progress may not be recoverable. Always take a backup before using this module.

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