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How do you provide your Project Pricing? Is it fixed price? or Do you charge hourly? and what are your hourly rate?

If the project is small, we charge fixed price. Most of the time it is hourly rates that we provide to our customer. We charge a standard 60USD/hr for all the development be it configuration /customization /consultancy work.

Our pricing has the validity of 1 month, so if a customer comes after taking a month gap to commence the project, we may revise our proposal depending upon the scenario.

Do you maintain Customer's websites and portals? How do you deal with this.. What do you charge?

Please visit our Maintenance page. Following is the link: https://teknoflair.com/our-services/maintenance/

How to provide WordPress admin panel access

It is suggested that User Activity Log Plugin is installed on the site prior to providing Admin access to any 3rd party so that all the 3rd party activities can be logged.

How fast can you work?

We are typically able to provide 3 hours per day on a certain project and are able to respond to emails once in 24 hours. If your project requires more time + attention, may be it is a Rush job.

What is PM hours

Once the project begins we will assign a dedicated project manager who will coordinate between you and our development team, oversee the overall project, and facilitate all project needs. Besides being your first point of contact, your PM will also provide regular project updates, maintain on-going communication, and schedule meetings for any adjustments needed. You will be able to communicate through Skype, email, or Google Meet.

Depending on the complexity of the project we would normally allocate 15% – 20% of hours to project management. However, this estimate is by no means accurate as PM hours will totally depend on your additional requests, questions, or any other assistance you will require during the project.

What if my project is fairly large?

If you are trying to build a marketplace, a large and complex Ecommerce website or your website is going to act like a web application, your project qualifies as a large project. For these projects, we are not able to provide proposals for free and will charge at our standard rates for the time we spent researching your requirements and preparing your proposal. We will still spare 2-4 hours to give you a chance to see if we are a good fit.

How comprehensive is your proposal, what should I expect?

It will always include what work we will do for you with an explanation of the solutions taken to meet your requirements. It will include assumptions and dependencies, breakdown of the work with estimated hours, a delivery schedule and the schedule of payments. In other words, you can use this proposal as a functional document for your project.

How much time can you spend on analyzing my requirements and coming up with estimates?

As a general rule we are able to spend up to 2 hours. Please note that we reserve the right to determine the number of hours we spend on requirement analysis.

Do you provide consultancy? What does it include?

We are able to provide one-on-one consultation sessions with one of our experts through Skype. These sessions are generally used for larger projects, when you are unsure about the use of a certain plugin or need advice in planning the projects.

What kind of instruction/documentation should I expect after a project is completed?

Documentation varies greatly depending on the project, your experience with the platform and the level of customization we have carried out. A full turn key customized CMS requires a significant amount of document in comparison with a simple custom add on. Your exact needs in this area would be identified at the start of the project. The time spent on preparing the documentation manuals (text, videos, screenshots, one-on-one walk through) is billed and you are able to choose whichever way you would prefer to receive the instructions.

Do you work on weekends?

As a rule, no. Of course there are always exceptions and we are able to provide rush jobs if prior notice is provided.

What if I want to put the project on hold temporarily? Can I cancel a project?

Unanticipated events do occur so we would work closely with you to find the best solution even if that solution is an exit strategy. Please note that we are only able to hold off for up to 60 days.

What if new requirements come up after the project has started?

That is not unusual in an web project so we have a tried and tested change control process. We would discuss in detail the new requirements, review the impact on existing requirements and estimate the work involved in delivering the requirement.

What if I have a positive balance of hours after a project is completed?

You can hold them in credit and they can be used for up to 6 months.

What if the actual hours exceed the estimated hours?
  • It happens
  • we only proffer estimates
  • Ongoing client communication to inform you of this so we can manage this.
Why do you charge upfront?

We have a handpicked team of WordPress experts from around the world. They are able to produce best results when they know their payments are secure.

What if I have an urgent task?

Ask us. We may be able to take rush jobs depending on the availability. We may charge a higher rate though.

What is your availability (Timezone)? How soon do you start on the project?

We are a remote team working spread across different timezones. We are available during the entire European day and until 2PM EST (US time zone).

How should I send you my project brief?

Any designs or documentation that helps us understand your requirements are greatly received. You can attach them in your initial email or, better still, send us the links to them if they are stored online. Please note that while we will do our best to study your project briefs in the first 1-2 hours without any charges, we may request you to purchase a small block of hours if it requires more time.

What if I am not satisfied with the services?

We do offer a complete refund on your first invoice if you are not satisfied with our services. The refund can be requested in the first 15 days of paying the invoice. Refunds can only be provided for up to 5 hour. What this means is, if you are skeptical about trying us out, start off with a 5-hour block and small task. This should give you an idea if you should buy another block.

How do you charge?

We use a 3rd party app to send invoices. You can pay using PayPal or Credit Card. Except for your first invoice, we usually send out invoices on 15th and 30th of the month.

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