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All plugins, add-ons, extensions and integrations purchased from TeknoFlair are property of TeknoFlair. Claiming any type of intellectual or exclusive ownership rights of our products is strictly prohibited. TeknoFlair retains all rights, titles, and interests, including all intellectual property rights to the products, documentation, imagery, and content (including at teknoflair.com).


TeknoFlair sells WordPress plugins “as is” with the features and functions explicitly outlined in the product’s documentation. 

TeknoFlair does not warrant that your use of the products will be uninterrupted or error-free or that the product will not have inherent limitations. When determined reasonable, in TeknoFlair discretion, TeknoFlair will commit to use commercially reasonable efforts to provide you with an error-correction or workaround which corrects reported non-conformities. 

TeknoFlair does not guarantee that our plugins will be compatible with all third-party components, plugins, themes or browsers. We do not assume responsibility and will not be held responsible for any conflicts or compatibility issues that may occur due to third-party software/s.


Support for TeknoFlair plugins is only available for those who have an active, paid plugin license. After a license expires, the customer must renew their license in order to continue receiving support and updates for the products purchased. TeknoFlair does not support any third party components, software, systems, or plugins. 

TeknoFlair offers customer support for product purchases via email during the established support hours, from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm GMT+5, Monday through Friday. TeknoFlair does not offer telephone, video conferencing, or in-person support services. 

Queries are replied to and resolved as quickly as possible, yet we do not guarantee that all queries can be answered to the customer’s satisfaction or that they will be resolved within a particular time frame.

In case of unlimited licenses the actual user who purchased is eligible to get the support for unlimited sites. The resale of licenses for a fee is against our terms and condition for purchase.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are only available to product license holders who have an active and valid subscription and license key.

Refund Policy

TeknoFlair offers a 14-day refund for plugin purchases provided that the client meets the following requirements:

  • Prove how the plugin fails to do what it is intended to do;
  • Give our support team a chance to assist and correct reported issues;
  • Agree to completely delete all files associated with the plugin
  • Forfeit your right to use the code

TeknoFlair reserves the right to accept or deny any refund requests due to the nature of business.

Product Changes and Discontinuation

TeknoFlair reserves the right, at any time, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any of our products. Terms and any prices related to our products are subject to change at any time.

TeknoFlair Services

Client Onboarding

During the onboarding process, communication will take place via email. An initial call can be requested by the client, during which the scope of the project is discussed. In order to initiate the project, the client agrees to pay in advance for the hours required to scope out the project.

Clients must agree to give the provider access to all necessary information to complete the project as well as administrative access to their live site, staging site and hosting servers.

Project Management

Each service purchased from TeknoFlair will be managed by a designated project manager who will coordinate communication between the client and developers. Said communication between the client and the provider takes place in written form via email and Slack (chat). Communication will take place during the business hours set by the provider. The client can also request calls to further discuss updates and the status of the project at any time. Since our services are charged on an hourly rate, all time spent on client communications is billable to the client.

In order to optimize communications and keep the project on schedule, it is recommended that the client respond to communication from the provider as soon as possible. TeknoFlair isn’t responsible for any deadline delays that occur as a result from lack of response or delayed responses from the client.

Project Ownership

After full payment realization and completion of a project, the Provider agrees to hand over the entire design and code for the project or service to the Client. The source code will be developed under the General Public License.

Service Agreement Terms

Unless formally requested by the client, the ‘scope’  of our projects will be discussed through emails. Any communication conducted through emails will be considered part of the scope. In order to best serve the client, TeknoFlair requires the client to pay in advance for the number of hours needed to fully scope out the project. The number of hours required for project discovery and scoping can vary depending on the project and will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the developers and project manager.

The client will receive a detailed project’s scope, including a quote for the estimated hours. The final invoice will be sent based on the Actual hours spent. A full report of the hours spent on the project can be requested by the client. The estimates are provided by the senior most developers to help you with budgeting and our accuracy for estimates are close to 90% based on the historic data, however, this is not guaranteed.

Payment for the actual hours must be completed according to the agreed milestones and must be paid upfront. For any additional work that is not part of the agreed scope, separate invoices will be sent.

All new requests will be billed additionally and separately. TeknoFlair will request approval from the client for any new/additional work before proceeding. TeknoFlair also reserves the right to determine which requests are considered as ‘additional work’.

In case that any new or additional work is required, both parties will mutually negotiate in good faith to decide the classification of the new tasks not explicitly mentioned in the scope document. However, in case of conflict, TeknoFlair will reserve the right to classify any feature or functionality request not explicitly mentioned in the “scope” document as a ‘new request’.

All our customization and development services are completed according to the industry’s best practices and coding standards for WordPress. After delivery of a project, changes and updates to WordPress or other plugins might drastically affect the function of the delivered product. In this case, TeknoFlair is not held accountable and cannot provide any guarantees for the ongoing function of the product. Yet, in case an update or change disrupts the function of the delivered product, TeknoFlair can look into the issue and fix it, as an additional, billable request. 

The quote shared by TeknoFlair is valid till 1 month. TeknoFlair reserves the rights to change the quote if the client requests to initiate the project after 1 month of getting quotes, unless there’s an explicit agreement for validity of quote.


The deployment process for our services is always billed separately from the main project’s scope. The deployment process can take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, depending on the client’s server, which will be paid according to the hourly rate previously agreed on by the client.

Quality Assurance

Before the initiation of a project, the client must specify their testing plan and all project requirements so that our team can determine the time required to fully test the delivered product and can quote hours accordingly. TeknoFlair is only responsible for testing the delivered product for the specified and agreed on performance and functional requirements. 

In order to guarantee the delivered product will work correctly on the live site, the client must provide TeknoFlair with access to the live site. If said access is not provided, TeknoFlair can only be held responsible for the product’s performance on the staging site where the product is tested. In addition to this, if the client fails to present TeknoFlair with a complete testing plan before contracting the development services, TeknoFlair will only perform the basic testing on the staging site according to its own understanding of scope.

Service Completion

The Client is expected to test fully any application or programming relating to the services provided by TeknoFlair. If bugs, errors or other issues are found, TeknoFlair will endeavor to correct these issues to meet the standards of function outlined in the scope. Clients must submit feedback on the project within 15 days after delivery. If we don’t receive feedback on the delivered work 15 days after project delivery, we reserve the right to close the project and consider any further communication as ‘new request’.

If the client doesn’t respond 15 days after the work has been completed from our end, there will be a $25/day late fee added to the bill. The final code and project will only be delivered on clearing all outstanding dues.

We will provide a 15-30 day warranty period for the work completed, however, there are many factors that can come into effect here, such as, conflict with another plugin, server configuration/deployment issue etc. In such a case, we reserve the right to investigate the issue and determine whether it falls under warranty.

In case WordPress, theme, plugins, third-party applications and/or other software is added/removed/updated after a project is completed there could be a possibility of some features and other aspects of the project not working as originally intended. In this case, TeknoFlair is not responsible for any losses incurred at the Clients’ end.

If required, the client can request video tutorials or documentation as a tool to help them navigate the product delivered by TeknoFlair developers. Creation of said documentation is defined as part of the project’s scope and billable to the client.

Service Cancellation and Refund

Once the project has been initiated, the client can determine to cancel the service, as long as all hours spent on the project are paid for. The client is responsible for paying for any time spent on the project before ceasing work with TeknoFlair. 

Since TeknoFlair offers services on an hourly rate, refund requests must be made before the first 10 hours of work are spent. We believe that 10 hours are sufficient for a client to determine whether our services will satisfy their project’s requirements. If more than 10 hours of work have been completed, a refund can be requested only for the first 10 hours.

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