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At TeknoFlair, we are passionate about providing top-notch solutions for gamification and user engagement on your website. GamiPress Integration brings you a powerful gamification plugin with a range of features and benefits. Let’s explore how GamiPress can revolutionize user interaction on your site:


GamiPress combines the power of points to automatically reward your users for their interactions on your site. With various points types like Credits, Gems, Coins, and more, you can incentivize user engagement and create a dynamic virtual currency system.



Unlock the potential of achievements with GamiPress! This integration allows you to define achievement types and set requirements for users to complete. Whether it's earning badges, completing quests, or other accomplishments, GamiPress ensures your users are recognized for their achievements



Encourage user progression and motivation through ranks with GamiPress. By defining rank types like Grade, Level, or any hierarchy you desire, users can climb through the ranks by meeting specific requirements. This system creates a sense of accomplishment and encourages continuous engagement.

Packed Full of Features

GamiPress is packed with a wide array of powerful features to take your gamification strategy to the next level:
Automatic Points Awards

Automatic Points Awards and Deductions

Easily configure automatic ways to award or deduct points based on user interactions, creating a dynamic and responsive gamification system.

Data-Driven Reports

Custom Requirements

Define conditional requirements for users to unlock achievements or ranks, allowing you to tailor the gamification experience to your specific goals.

Time Limit

Time Limit Requirements

Set time limits for users to complete specific requirements, adding an element of urgency and encouraging regular engagement.

Drag and Drop Controls

Drag and Drop Controls

GamiPress provides intuitive drag and drop controls, making it simple to set up and customize your gamification environment without any coding expertise.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Let users share their achievements and ranks on their preferred social networks, fostering a sense of pride and encouraging others to join in the gamified experience.



Keep users informed and engaged by automatically notifying them of new awards they have earned, ensuring they stay connected with your site.



GamiPress features a flexible log system with support for both public and private logs, allowing you to showcase user activities and accomplishments.


Unlock Achievements and Ranks Using Points

Offer users the option to unlock achievements or ranks by expending a specific amount of points, even if they haven't met the requirements. This adds flexibility and rewards active participation.


Open Badges Compatible

Connect your site achievements with platforms like Badgr or Credly to issue open badges, providing official recognition of your users' skills and achievements.


Blocks, Shortcodes & Widgets

GamiPress seamlessly integrates with WordPress, offering blocks, shortcodes, and widgets to display user points wallets, earned achievements, latest logs, and more.

Shortcode Embedder

Live Shortcode Embedder

Easily set up GamiPress shortcodes with confidence. The live shortcode embedder ensures you won't miss any parameters, making shortcode customization a breeze.

GDPR Support

GDPR Support

GamiPress supports WordPress personal data export and deletion features, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

Templates System

Templates System

Personalize every aspect of GamiPress to align with your website's design. The templates system allows you to customize GamiPress through your theme folder, creating a cohesive user experience.

Multimedia and Assets Transfer

Data Centralization on Multisite

If you have a multisite installation, GamiPress centralizes all data, enabling you to display desired information on any sub-site.



GamiPress offers extensive flexibility with plenty of hooks, allowing developers to add custom features and functionalities to suit unique requirements.

Choose TeknoFlair for GamiPress Integration

At TeknoFlair, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions to enhance user engagement on your website. With our expertise in GamiPress integration, we ensure that you harness the full potential of gamification to create an interactive and rewarding user experience. 

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