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How You Can Build Annual Compliance Courses with LearnDash

online compliance courses
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The workplace of today is transforming professional development. Because individuals are changing jobs more frequently than ever, static career pathways are no longer as meaningful as they once were. Many undervalued workers are looking for other positions with greater growth chances due to the Great Resignation, which is currently occurring. Learn how you can huild annual compliance courses with LearnDash.

Online compliance courses.

Adapting to these changes and realizing that retention is more crucial than ever are vital components of being a competitive company. Only some firms completely take advantage of the obvious solution, which is staff development with compliance training courses.

If you believe that your company currently manages staff development effectively, consider reevaluating your strategy. According to 59% of workers, compliance training is the most crucial area businesses should spend in to enhance company culture, according to LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends report.

Compliance training is essential to workers, but are business executives treating it with the same consideration? Most firms have plenty of space for improving career development, which enables your business to impact the lives of your employees significantly.

Why Consider LearnDash for Building Compliance Courses?

LearnDash LMS is an excellent platform for providing candidates and learners with authorized compliance courses, e-learning, and employee training. It gives a solid platform to manage students’ courses and track student progress. Additionally, because it is built on WordPress, developers can quickly expand and improve it, giving you total control over the educational process. LearnDash requires an annual license; there are no per-seat or transaction fees.

6 Examples of Annual Compliance Courses You Can Build Using LearnDash 

Online compliance courses.

Here are just a few examples of annual compliance courses you can build using LearnDash.  

Orientation: Acquaint new hires with your business and assist them in settling in

Even with exceptional expertise and qualifications, a recruit still has much to learn about your business and its procedures. In addition to teaching them about your basic principles and organizational structure, an orientation course should walk them through the paperwork required to start working with you.

During the first few weeks of employment, a new hire may struggle to get by in a poorly planned orientation program, but the same person may feel more at ease in a well-executed one. Above all, if orientation is adequately handled, it can avoid future issues and the long-term effects of early errors or miscommunications.

Onboarding: Instruct staff members on their new positions and assist them in becoming familiar with their division

If onboarding and orientation are the same thing, it’s likely because they typically take place at the same time. Onboarding programs, however, take place department by department, whereas orientation is for your entire organization. When assuming a new role, even a long-time employee may go through onboarding.

Information regarding the precise job role of a new hire should also be included in onboarding. By the time compliance training is complete, the employee should fully understand their new role and be equipped to exceed expectations.

Goods and services: Provide new and experienced staff with training on your offerings

For certain companies, staff members must become quite knowledgeable about particular goods and services before they can advise clients about them. Your team must receive specialist training if these goods and services are frequently updated or highly sophisticated.

In sales and customer service positions, where staff members will be interacting with clients, this training is extremely crucial because it enables them to answer questions accurately and thoroughly about the product.

Technical skills: Assist your staff in acquiring practical skills to enhance their proficiency

Technical skills training is among the most beneficial things you can do for your students. Workers are aware that career development programs help them acquire more employable abilities, which advances their careers. Employers also know that workers will be more capable in their roles the more skilled they are.

Currently, there is a great demand for technical skill training in areas like data analysis, programming, and SEO.

Soft skills: Provide your staff with a toolkit to handle challenging clients, assume leadership positions, or increase productivity

Soft skills, while more challenging to measure, are crucial for fostering employees’ professional development. Although most people prioritize leadership development first, other areas should also be considered equally.

Programs to assist an employee in defusing a complicated scenario with an unhappy customer, for example, and helping staff develop their communication skills to work as a team better can be helpful. The productivity and job happiness of employees can be increased even by providing classes for those who struggle with personal time management.

Compliance, security, and safety: Provide your staff with the instructions to adhere to best practices

Lastly, some industries have high criteria for compliance; thus, some training is necessary. It can be essential for your company to provide proof that staff members have received training in various subjects, such as food safety, diversity and inclusion, and cybersecurity.

You can use online software to check which staff have completed the required training. Because online training can provide you with more indicators to demonstrate how teams have performed, it can be beneficial if you operate in an industry where there are regulatory standards to meet.

Create Annual Compliance Courses Using LearnDash

The process of acquiring new skills and perfecting current ones is known as employee development. Employees can take time to expand their competencies in many areas, learn new technologies and techniques, and gain industry or subject matter knowledge with the support of their business. Employee development is crucial because both employers and employees need highly skilled workers who can succeed in their positions.

When appropriately built, annual compliance courses benefit the employer and the employee.

With LearnDash compliance courses, employees may study anything they choose at their own pace! In case you need an automatic progress reset after a year of completion, you can have a progress reset through our LearnDash Advanced Toolkit plugin. There is a feature to allow a user’s progress to be reset after a certain configured frequency so they can be asked to take the course again. This way, you don’t need to remember whose course is due and can see from the Progress reset log feature in the LD Advanced Toolkit

If you need a record of course completion, you can use Continuing Education for LearnDash.

LearnDash Course Builder 

Selecting an online course platform can take time, especially with many options in a crowded market. Creating courses is made simple and intuitive with the help of the LearnDash course builder. You can easily add more quizzes, courses, sections, and topics without ever having to navigate away from the current page. This post walks readers through every feature of the course builder, making creating and editing techniques simple. Creating an annual compliance course is easy with this simple step-by-step guide.

The LearnDash course builder is accessible in a few different ways.

For Current Programs

If you have already made a course:

  1. LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES should be visited.
  2. Swipe over a current course
  3. On the “Builder” link, click.
LearnDash course builder link on all courses

Alternatively, you can access the “Edit Course” page by clicking the course title or “Edit” link. After arriving, select the “Builder” tab from the upper navigation bar.

Developing Course from Scratch?

  1. LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES should be visited.
  2. On the page, select the “Add New” button.
  3. The “Builder” tab can be found in the upper navigation bar.

How to Make Your Annual Compliance Course Effective?

online compliance courses and happy students.

You have built an annual compliance course, but do you think your course is effective? There are a few additional considerations you should make if you genuinely want your continuing staff training to be successful. It is what to watch out for so that your compliance course is as beneficial to your learners as possible.

Determine the frequency of the compliance training as well as the need for it

How often will you offer your compliance course, and what is it? Many organizations plan annual compliance training sessions, albeit the content may change from year to year. The empty basis is on security procedures one year and customer service the next. Alternatively, some groups require training in a particular area rather than in another. Establish a schedule that will guarantee you will cover the content at the proper intervals and decide which topics are significant enough to deserve a Learndash compliance course.

Present the information to your students to inspire them to complete the course

The term “mandatory” is the single most significant deterrent to motivation. Yes, the training may be required for compliance purposes, but your staff can still participate because they find it worthwhile and meaningful. Present a PowerPoint to your team explaining the goal of the compliance course before the first day of instruction.

Provide logical reasons and discuss how the company and the learners will benefit from the training. Many workers actively seek employers who are prepared to fund employee training. It will be more accessible to market to employees if you present it as something that can broaden their skill set.

Arrange your class for optimal effectiveness

Consider when to hold your training session. About to implement a significant change for the entire company? Is your company set to enter a dry season? Is there a yearly deadline that you must fulfill to comply?

If you schedule your training around customary downtime, you can relieve stress and help your staff retain information better. Similarly, your staff members’ best memory recall will occur after finishing the course. To maximize their enthusiasm and memory retention, try scheduling corporate training as near as possible to any significant compliance deadline.

Examine the content from the prior year. Please do some research and bring it up to date

Running the same workout routine year after year should not satisfy you. If everything is the same, not only will you lose the chance to offer continual training, but your learners are also more likely to lose interest. Additionally, your students may wonder if your materials are still current if they have yet to be updated since the 1980s.

If more has stayed the same, update some photographs with more recent information. Seek illustrations from current events or make a cultural allusion that your readers will recognize and find interesting. Write fresh situations each year if your students are required to respond to one to prevent them from using the same response from the previous year. Put your students through challenges, and they’ll show more significant interest.

Take into account having a special guest or concentrating on a specific subject

Is there a person in your field who would be an exceptionally fascinating or perceptive lecturer? Include an external viewpoint. It is a simple method of updating your course annually, enhancing the system beyond a simple refresher. It’s also a chance for you and your students to network.

Establish goals for the upcoming year

If you intend to reoffer the LearnDash compliance course the following year, conclude with a section outlining your expectations for future use of the material and how you would like them to use it. Point them in the correct direction if there is a more advanced course they may attend to enhance their performance. Even students who assume they already know everything reiterate the value of taking a compliance course.

Seek out criticism

Ask your students directly what they would want to see in upcoming courses. Were there any topics they wanted to know more about but needed to be covered? Did they find anything surprising in the course material? In the end, did they find the training helpful, or did it cause frustration? Utilize the input to make the course better the following year.

Connect your annual compliance courses to a career progression route

Lastly, compliance courses give staff members a chance to differentiate themselves inside a company. Feel free to include this specifically in the course. It is not to argue that you should base your decisions on the course’s outcomes; instead, you should demonstrate how the course will help you progress in the organization.

Considerations When Creating Annual Compliance Courses Using LearnDash

online compliance courses on mobile and clock.

Many businesses have made investments in providing their staff with online compliance training. However, if such companies don’t consider the following aspects, they may give insufficient training material.

Limit the Length of Compliance Training

Acquiring new skills can be easily accomplished by enrolling in an online course. However, opinions toward e-learning aren’t always favorable.

For compliance purposes, employees may occasionally be forced to complete an online course. The fact that the students enrolled in these courses may not necessarily wish to do so makes these circumstances challenging.

You should divide up your courses appropriately in light of this. Try keeping all compliance training sessions to 45 minutes or less. It can take an hour at the most. I’ve learned from this experience that you will lose your audience.

It might be ideal to divide the material into two distinct modules if your course needs to last more than an hour. Their lengths ought to be comparable. More extended modules may not always be “more important,” but that is the impression they convey.

Regarding compliance training, you can be confident that a sizable percentage of the audience will object to the course. Utilize this information to design your system appropriately, considering the overall duration.

Your Staff Requires Mobile Friendly Courses

Learners can access their annual compliance courses anytime, anywhere, thanks to LearnDash Mobile Friendly Courses. Employees can follow up with other colleagues in the office without missing a beat and attend training quickly. Ensure you give them the assistance required to finish their lessons while you implement efficient methods for producing valuable compliance course material.

Employees can benefit significantly from compliance courses, which can help them become more capable and instill confidence in themselves.

Let TeknoFlair’s eLearning experts help you build optimized compliance courses on LearnDash. Get in touch today to learn more!

People Also Ask

How can I make a LearnDash course?

The Course Create Wizard can be used to create courses. LearnDash Support

  • Go to Courses in LEARNDASH LMS.
  • To create a new playlist from a video, click on the “Create from Video Playlist” button located in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the URL for the playlist; it can be a YouTube playlist, for example. A Vimeo Exhibition. URL for a Wistia project. Take note.
  • To load the playlist data, click the button.

On LearnDash, how many courses am I able to take?

You can add as many classes and courses as you want.

How can compliance training be made enjoyable?

Here are some suggestions to improve employee engagement with compliance training.

  • Make use of a range of content components.
  • Give the information in manageable bite-sized portions.
  • Use technology and gamification.
  • Customize the instruction.
  • Establish relevance in real life.
  • Update your training materials.

What is the content of the LearnDash course?

Course Page: Support for LearnDash

Below your course description, LearnDash will automatically include a course content table with a collection of lessons, themes, and quizzes related to the course. Your unique content will appear beneath the “Course” tab when the website loads and is referred to as the course page content.

How can I design my training program?

As follows:

  • Select the ideal course subject.
  • Make sure there is a large market for your course proposal.
  • Provide captivating and captivating learning objectives.
  • Organize your course plan and module content.
  • Choose the most exciting and successful delivery strategies for each lesson.
  • Create your online course by recording, editing, and filming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of Compliance Training: Acknowledge the significance of compliance training in the current workplace, especially in employee development, job retention, and company culture enhancement.
  • Utilizing LearnDash: LearnDash LMS is a robust platform for creating authorized compliance courses, providing tools to manage, track, and expand educational content. It’s built on WordPress, offering control over the educational process without per-seat fees.
  • Examples of Compliance Courses: Highlighted models of annual compliance courses, including orientation, onboarding, product training, technical and soft skills, and safety & compliance.
  • Create Effective Courses: When building compliance courses with LearnDash, consider effective strategies like the LearnDash Course Builder, ensuring easy navigation and monitoring progress within the platform.
  • Course Building Steps: Outline the step-by-step process for using the LearnDash Course Builder, either for existing programs or from scratch.
  • Enhancing Course Effectiveness: Provide insights on creating more effective compliance courses, including setting frequencies, making the content engaging, scheduling for optimal impact, updating content, seeking feedback, and aligning courses with career progression.
  • Considerations for LearnDash Compliance Courses: Discuss essential aspects such as course length, mobile-friendliness, and engagement strategies to keep employees interested and invested in the training.
  • User Queries: Address common questions about creating LearnDash courses, enhancing compliance training enjoyment, content details, and guidelines for developing one’s training program.
  • Creating practical annual compliance courses using LearnDash involves not only technical know-how but also a strategic approach toward engaging, informative, and valuable content. Understanding learner needs and aligning training content with organizational compliance requirements and employee career development is crucial to success.

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