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How to Sell Your LearnDash Online Courses to Businesses

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There’s a huge demand for online courses out there. The e-learning market holds a value of over $200 billion. Experts predict it will reach nearly $375 billion by 2026. That is a lot of money and a lot of learners looking for courses. Learn how to sell your courses in this guide by TeknoFlair.

With numerous online courses, it’s challenging to attract and convert learners into customers. For example, websites like Udemy have 130,000+ courses. Many course creators use platforms like Thinkific or Kajabi. Thinkific alone has over 50,000 course creators.

Sell Your LearnDash Online Courses

Go B2B | Sell your LearnDash courses to Businesses

One of the biggest opportunities for course creators right now is selling to businesses. And it is easy to see why.

Selling courses individually can be slow to make your course business profitable. It takes time to get enough customers. But when you sell B2B, you are usually selling multiple seats in one go – sometimes hundreds or even thousands. Individual transactions on a website can be time-consuming.

However, you can complete the process of a B2B online course sale in just a few minutes.

Introduction to LearnDash

A lot of small-to-medium businesses use WordPress to host their websites. And when it comes to integrating serious learning management system capabilities into WordPress, LearnDash is pretty much the gold standard. People who know their stuff when it comes to e-learning clearly developed it with a plethora of features.

Once you have a license, LearnDash offers a range of free integrations and add-ons, like WooCommerce, bbPress, Stripe, and Zapier. And there are also some premium add-ons that look really useful, like ProPanel and LD Groups Plus.

Overall, LearnDash offers serious e-learning at a really reasonable price. They’ve introduced a cloud version called LearnDash Cloud that gives you a fully-hosted course website built entirely on WordPress. So you get all the benefits of using WordPress without having to install & maintain the software.

How Online Course Selling is different in B2B and B2C settings?

Many individuals purchase courses and training from popular online learning platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi. But what if you’re a training company or provider looking to deliver online training to other businesses? Well, there are actually some key differences to consider. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can make a difference in how you approach delivering your training.

Learner Management

When it comes to enrolling and managing users for online learning, things can get a bit tricky for training providers. If you’re selling directly to individuals, the process is pretty straightforward. Each learner enrolls in the same course through a shopping cart. But when you’re selling training to another business or organization, it’s a whole different ballgame.

It could be that you may have chosen different courses for one group of learners compared to another group in the same organization. You can slowly introduce your training by dividing employees into different groups or cohorts.

Now you must find a way to add students to the correct groups and ensure they can access the necessary courses. You may have to control the duration of their course access and decide if you want to release it gradually.

Some clients might want you to handle enrolling their learners on your platform. But if they have a lot of learners, doing it manually can be really time-consuming. It’s crucial to ensure your LMS can efficiently handle all these aspects with flexibility and capability. 

Reporting & Insights

The HR or L&D contact at a company wants to know about their employees’ training progress. They want to ensure they are getting value for their money. They also want to monitor who has completed their courses. This is because they have made an investment.

Having reports can also be helpful for training providers from a business standpoint. Clear and simple data can help when renewing agreements with clients to show progress and satisfaction.

But here’s the thing: clients usually don’t want all the nitty-gritty details. They just want a quick, top-level view of how individuals and groups of learners are doing. Your LMS should allow users to view and download real-time data in a format that suits their needs. 


Training providers and clients often have specific requests as part of their contracts. Clients have the ability to include their own content in the training. This can include links to resources on their company intranet or contact information for the main internal stakeholder. So, it’s important for your LMS to be able to handle these requests without having to create whole new courses.

And branding is another thing clients might want. If the training is part of a larger initiative, the organization may want its logo on the learning platform.

The logo will be visible to participants. The organization wants to ensure its branding is prominent. They want their logo to be easily seen. This can help reinforce their brand identity.

So, if you want to meet your client’s needs, your LMS should be able to handle all the above. Overall, the main thing to consider when selling your LearnDash Course to businesses or going B2B is flexibility.

Sell Your LearnDash Online Courses

6 Advantages of Selling your LearnDash Course to Businesses

  1. Growing Referral Power

The first B2B sale can really boost your referral power. Sure, word-of-mouth marketing is great, especially if you can get some influencers to recommend you. But corporate referrals can scale up even faster because they lead to those big, multi-seat sales. Just a couple of solid business referrals, and your revenue could start growing by leaps and bounds.

  1. Filtered Point of Contact

When you’re working with an organization to provide training, you’ll usually have one main contact. It could be someone in Human Resources, Learning and Development, or Procurement. They will be the ones rolling out the training and handling any issues that come up.

Having that one key contact can really help streamline things. Instead of getting overwhelmed by questions from individual learners, you can funnel everything through that one person.

  1. Selling Multiple Seats

A major advantage of selling courses to businesses is the ability to sell many seats simultaneously. Sometimes you can sell hundreds or even thousands of seats in a single deal. It could take a long time to sell to individuals one by one, possibly weeks, months, or even years.

  1. Boosting Cashflow for Growth 

Too many entrepreneurs are living sale to sale without much extra cash to invest back into their business. With large B2B sales and referrals, you can get the money to expand your business without borrowing or seeking venture capital.

  1. Increasing Your Business Value

Selling online courses to businesses can increase the value of your business. It can also help when you plan to sell it, get a loan, or attract investment. And that means more options for you in the long run.

  1. Enhancing Your Brand

Plus, having multiple businesses as customers can really enhance your brand. It makes you seem genuine, and if those businesses are well-known, it can also improve your own brand.

Sell Your LearnDash Online Courses

5 Plugins to Sell Your LearnDash Online Courses to Businesses

  1. LD Groups Plus

Groups Plus is a premium add-on for LearnDash that lets you modify the LearnDash Groups Hierarchy to create an Organization. With WooCommerce, you can create and sell entire Organizations just like you would with a course. And your customers can even purchase individual course seats within their Organization. Or, you can create a private Organization and enroll your customers on the back end.

With Groups Plus, your customers can manage their own Organization right from the front end. They can enroll and manage their Team Leaders and Team members, access reporting, grading, and more.

  1. Uncanny Groups for LearnDash

The Uncanny Groups for LearnDash plugin makes it super easy to sell your LearnDash courses to organizations. Users can manage and view reports for their groups and users from the front end. They do not need access to the WordPress admin panel.

It’s a powerful plugin that can really simplify how you use LearnDash Groups. Plus, it gives your organizational customers more control over their learning options and reporting capabilities.

  1. WisdmLabs Group Registration for LearnDash

WisdmLabs Group Registration for LearnDash allows you to sell group licenses and create learner accounts simultaneously. It’s an easy way to share your courses with organizations and ensure their learners have all they need to begin. 

  1. HonorsWP Parent Child Access 

The HonorsWP Parent Child Access is a plugin for LearnDash that allows parents, managers, tutors, and others to monitor student progress. This plugin helps parents access LearnDash and monitor their child’s course progress, quiz reports, and more. It is a great way to stay on top of everything and make sure everyone is on the same page.

  1. Organization ToolKit

The Organization Toolkit for LearnDash makes it super easy to enroll, customize, and report on your online training for your clients. The WordPress plugin offers assistance with enrollment, reporting, branding, and customizing courses. It provides all the necessary features in a user-friendly manner.

Create Successful Training Programs with TeknoFlair 

With LearnDash, you can create successful training programs in WordPress without needing any coding knowledge. The user-friendly platform makes it easy for trainers to quickly create courses for their clients. You can customize your course content to offer a personalized approach, which will help you sell more courses.

Are you ready to take your training programs to the next level? Let TeknoFlair help you develop your online course for businesses on LearnDash. We can assist you in creating a course that fulfills your client’s requirements. Our expertise and experience will ensure your success.

Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • The e-learning market has a value of over $200 billion. Experts predict that it will reach nearly $375 billion by 2026.
  • Selling courses to businesses (B2B) can be more profitable and sustainable than selling courses one by one to individuals (B2C).
  • LearnDash is a powerful platform for integrating learning management system capabilities into WordPress.
  • There are key differences between selling courses to individuals and selling courses to businesses, such as learner management, reporting, and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the global market for e-learning? 

The e-learning market values over $200 billion, and experts predict it will reach nearly $375 billion by 2026.

Is it more profitable to sell courses to businesses or individuals? 

Selling courses to businesses (B2B) can be more profitable and sustainable than selling courses one by one to individuals (B2C).

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a powerful platform for integrating learning management system capabilities into WordPress.

Are there differences between selling courses to individuals and selling courses to businesses? 

There are differences when selling courses to individuals and businesses, like learner management, reporting, and insights.

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