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Top WordPress Plugins for Sharing Your Posts On Social Media

Sharing Your Posts On Social Media
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The Top 4 Advantages for Sharing Posts On Social Media Utilizing WordPress Plugins
1.Boost Involvement
2.Raise Knowledge
3.Produce Revenue
4.Simple Personalization
The Essential Elements of WordPress Plugins for Social Media
2.Social Media Platform Integration
Top WordPress Plugins for Sharing Your Posts On Social Media
1.Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons by Ultimately Social
2.Sassy Social Share
3.Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
4.FS Poster
5.AddToAny Share Buttons
6.Social Media Share Buttons and Social Buttons by MashShare
7.Social Snap
9.Social Media Share Buttons by ShareThis
10.Social Share & Locker Pro
11.Revive Old Posts and Revive the Network

Do you want to become well-known in an infinite sea of social media? Nevertheless, obtaining millions of views or followers is unnecessary for a blog or online business to succeed. With just a few hundred VIP Facebook followers, you can support yourself. Alternatively, even with a modest Twitter or Instagram following, you can sell enough seats for your online course.

The main idea is that social media matters, but you shouldn’t let other people’s millions of followers or views on their videos deter you from using it yourself. Since every business is unique, the key is to use social media strategically.

An illustration image that shows top WordPress plugins for sharing your posts on social media.

And that’s when social media plugins for WordPress become useful. Many different tools are available to you; some are better for increasing your fan base, while others are better for spreading the word about your business. You should have at least one social media plugin for WordPress. Nonetheless, some website owners may discover combining two or three works best to satisfy customers.

The Top 4 Advantages for Sharing Posts On Social Media Utilizing WordPress Plugins 

Here are the top four advantages of sharing social media posts utilizing WordPress Plugins.

An illustration image that shows top WordPress plugins for sharing your posts on social media.

  1. Boost Involvement

The ability of social media platforms to generate and enhance engagement is one of their most significant benefits. These platforms can keep consumers interested for hours and make them feel included. 

  1. Raise Knowledge

Social media has the power to efficiently raise brand exposure internationally. It would help to share your most recent blog entries, ideas, and perceptions to establish rapport online. As a result, you may see increased website traffic and business growth over time.  Visitors to your website may see your beliefs, dedication, and business strategy through your social media feed, which can help you build brand awareness. You can also demonstrate how you use social media to interact with the community. 

  1. Produce Revenue

Social media platforms provide business promotion opportunities for all entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry or type of business. The ultimate objective of social media marketing is still to attract individuals to your company and convert them into customers. 

  1. Simple Personalization

Social network WordPress plugins can be easily customized to meet your company’s social media requirements. You can better alter posts’ color, style, and arrangement to fit your business’s needs and other relevant factors. 

The Essential Elements of WordPress Plugins for Social Media 

The following are the most crucial elements to take into account while selecting the ideal social networking plugin for your WordPress website:

  1. Performance 

The plugins need to be solid and light to not negatively impact your website’s speed, as they load social networking content to increase the functionality of your website.

  1. Social Media Platform Integration

Would you instead use Instagram for business or display your social media profile from a specific platform, such as Facebook? Utilizing a single WordPress plugin that displays content on many social media platforms might be a good idea.

To effectively promote your brand through social media marketing, ensure that your chosen WordPress plugin is compatible with your most active social media channel.

Top WordPress Plugins for Sharing Your Posts On Social Media

Let’s look at some well-liked WordPress plugins you can add to share posts on social media. 

  1. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons by Ultimately Social
Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons by UltimatelySocial

The Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons plugin is free and may be tailored to meet any requirement. It has been translated into several other languages as well.


  • A plethora of social media sharing sites (see list below)
  • Many possibilities for placement—before or after posts, floating over the pages of your website, via widget, via shortcode, etc.—are available (top right, bottom left, etc.)
  • The ability to assign several actions to a single social media share button (for example, your Facebook symbol can direct users to your page and display a Facebook button for social media sharing)
  • 16 different button designs for social media sharing
  • Social media share buttons with animation (such as mouse-over effects and automated shuffle)
  • Social pop-up: Request followers or shares from others
  • Allow users to sign up for your site’s subscription service to receive emails whenever new postings are made.
  • Reorganize the social media share icons’ order.
  • Numerous additional choices for customizing your social media share buttons
  • Compatible with the Gutenberg editor

List of platforms that the free plugin is compatible with:

  • Share symbol on Facebook
  • Twitter share button
  • Email symbol
  • RSS symbol
  • Share icon on Instagram
  • Share icon for YouTube
  • Pin it as an icon for sharing.
  • Share icon on LinkedIn
  • Share this on Houzz
  • OK symbol
  • Telegram symbol
  • VK symbol
  • WeChat symbol
  • Weibo symbol
  • Share icon (powered by addthis/sharethis) enables users to share your website on more than 200 different social media platforms.
  1. Sassy Social Share
Sassy Social Share

Do you want more people to post links to your material on social media? If so, Sassy Social Share might fit your website well. With the help of Sassy Social Share, users of your website can share your content on more than 110 social sharing and bookmarking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Parler, Gab, and Gettr. It is the easiest and sleekest social share plugin, with beautifully designed and optimized vector icons.

Note: The local server will not support the plugin. You need an online website to ensure the plugin works effectively.

The user who installs this plugin and visits the website has no cookies saved in their browser.


  • Customizable social sharing icons: You have complete control over the size, shape, button type, and color of your social icon.
  • In harmony with the platform of your choice – Plugin has excellent compatibility with BBPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and WordPress.
  • Integrating many sites supports over 100 social networking and bookmarking websites, including Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Adaptive social media symbols – looks fantastic on all gadgets and screen sizes.
  • Minimalistic coding It is optimized to maintain the performance and speed of your website.
  1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
Easy Social Share Buttons 9.2 NULLED – WPNULL.ORG

At just $19, the Easy Social Share plugin is a complete bargain. It keeps up the site, and you get many tools for social sharing, following counters, and email subscription capabilities, which is why it makes perfect sense for a blog. As such, you can grow your email list and social media following.

There are multiple styles included with the plugin. For instance, you can emulate websites such as Mashable and Upworthy by using the types it presents. You can go right with the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin, including a subscription booster, fantastic social sharing metrics, and a post view counter. Additionally, we’ve discovered that the plugin creator responds quickly to issues and comments.


  • Although less expensive than $20, it offers many more capabilities than most high-end WordPress social media plugins.
  • Links to your social media accounts are available.
  • You may see social media share numbers and your number of followers on various platforms. (includes shares on Twitter)
  • Include quotable passages in your blog entries.
  • A straightforward button allows users to sign up for your email newsletter.
  • To encourage even more people to read your material, share your most popular social media postings.
  • Examine social media statistics and stats to determine the most effective content marketing post types. 
  • Select from over fifty social network buttons, twenty-eight display placements, fifty designs, and twenty-five eye-catching animations.
  1. FS Poster
FS Poster v.6.4.3 - Best Auto Poster & Scheduler Plugin Free Download

FS Poster is a great WordPress social sharing plugin to schedule and auto-post content to over 14 social networks. You can save more time by not having to complete tasks by hand. 

The insights and analytics provided by FS Poster are another excellent feature. It enables you to examine every post you make on social media thoroughly. (Identify the tactics your audience responds to the most, then modify.)

Additionally, a recent and active social media account can help optimize SEO, rank higher, and increase traffic.


  • Linked with sixteen social media platforms.
  • You can use your admin dashboard to generate and schedule Instagram posts immediately.
  • Publish a link to your bio automatically in the Instagram posts that are more current.
  • Make messaging unique for every social media platform.
  • Direct scheduling from the FS Poster plugin on every social network platform.
  • Simple to put up
  1. AddToAny Share Buttons
AddToAny Share Buttons

With the AddToAny Share Buttons plugin for WordPress, users can share their pages and posts on any platform, which boosts engagement & traffic. The services offered include Facebook, Mastodon, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Threads, Tumblr, Reddit, X, WeChat, and numerous other social media and sharing websites and applications.

Since 2006, AddToAny has been the pioneer of universal sharing, and its plugin has been the most widely used share plugin for WordPress, enabling social media readiness for websites.


  • Floating share bars for different site layouts, desktop and mobile.
  • Buttons for sharing your photographs on the internet
  • Recovering share counts and share counts.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Retina, high-PPI, and mobile-friendly vector sharing icons.
  • A global sharing icon and intelligent menu.
  • Personalization of visitors.
  • Worldwide assistance (i18n/localization)
  • Both accessibility and elegant aging
  • Backwards and cross-browser compatibility
  • Enhanced functionality and effective loading through top-notch CDNs
  • Total authority for developers & publishers of all sizes
  1. Social Media Share Buttons and Social Buttons by MashShare
Social Media Share Buttons And Social Buttons | MashShare – WordPress plugin  | WordPress.org

An expert, fully adjustable, and free plugin for social media share buttons that helps you maximize the exposure of your priceless material.

Important information for EU users: MashShare complies with DSGVO!

IP information or any other type of personal data is never collected or forwarded to outside parties. Put an end to your website’s slowdown to save your rating. External scripts are frequently used by other social media share buttons, which causes loading times to increase.

MashShare uses no external script dependencies. Every code is loaded straight from your website, and MashShare protects your and your visitors’ privacy!


  • Easy-to-use, high-performance social media share buttons for the most popular networks.
  • Present the total number of social media shares quickly.
  • Social Media Share Button Icons execute quickly because of objects and temporary caches.
  • abbreviations
  • Versatile with a ton of Add-Ons (such as YouTube Video Sharing, More Social Networks, Google Analytics, and more)
  • It is developer-friendly, featuring multiple actions and filters.
  • Smart (virtual) share button count feature that is highly configurable. Complete new articles with virtual shares. Make use of psychological factors to boost actual shares.
  1. Social Snap
Over 30 Social Networks to Choose

With the help of Social Snap, an excellent and valuable WordPress social sharing plugin, you may drastically increase your traffic. Anyone who wants to grow their audience and reach, from bloggers and small businesses to agencies, designers, and developers, can utilize this service. Don’t just rely on visitors from search engines; use social media sites and make additional efforts. When you utilize Social Snap, you have total control over what happens on your page regarding social shares and user interaction.

It is simple and easy to install, set up, and use Social Snap. With Social Snap, people can log in to your page hassle-free using their social media accounts. The social sharing plugin has many resources and functionality, such as thorough analytics, auto-scheduling, and boosting prior articles. When you’re ready to scale, use Social Snap.


  • lightweight layout
  • Social media posts are instantly shared when you upload a new blog article on your website.
  • Use advanced analytics to view the posts that received the most likes and shares.
  • Possibility to display your social proof on each network by the number of followers
  • To tweet quotes straight from your articles, click here.
  • Reviving older posts on social media by automatically posting them
  • Using a social account to access your WordPress website
  • More than 30 social networks are supported
  • Movable sidebar
  • Clinging social media share icons
  • Simple to use, set up, and customize.
  1. Shareaholic
share buttons

If you own a WordPress website, you constantly search for fresh ways to interact with visitors. Hundreds of thousands of websites utilize the Shareaholic WordPress plugin, which includes a set of site engagement capabilities (Analytics, Related Posts, Follow Buttons, Share Buttons, and Cookie Consent).

With Shareaholic, you may include options for social follow buttons, share buttons on specific images, and floating and in-content share buttons. Every placement has unique intricate settings that allow you to select particular social networks, activate share counts, and more.


  • Testing indicates that it adds only 14 milliseconds to load time, not much more than the page load time.
  • Social integrations, such as WeChat and WhatsApp, are free.
  • Customized advanced settings for Pinterest.
  • Privacy features to help comply with GDPR.
  • Official Technology Partner for Google Analytics.
  • Recovering Social Share Count.
  • Optional strategies for monetization.
  • Short URL with Brand.
  1. Social Media Share Buttons by ShareThis
ShareThis Share Buttons - Share Buttons by ShareThis for Shopify | Shopify  App Store

With the help of the ShareThis Share Buttons plugin, users of your website can increase the virality of your products, movies, photographs, and material on over 45 social media platforms.

One-click sharing on your website increases visibility, engagement, and reach. You will also get access to performance statistics, which offer insightful data on what appeals to your viewers.


  • Since the plugin is free, users won’t be pressured to upgrade, unlike most plugins.
  • 45+ of the most widely used social media platforms are available for selection.
  • Which social media platforms to use? Depending on which channels users interact with the most, its Smart Share Buttons feature dynamically shows personalized social networks for each website visitor.
  • You may easily customize the buttons to reflect the style of your brand.
  • They provide tools and features for privacy, such as a Consent Management Platform.
  1. Social Share & Locker Pro
Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin - 1

Your website will become visible on social networks with the aid of Social Share & Locker Pro. “Locker” describes the ability to lock down content to only be unlocked by adding a share; this feature is essentially the same as the one found in the prior plugin.


  • You can choose from 28 different social networks and their icons.
  • There are ten pre-defined themes with the best typefaces included.
  • Turning the social sharing count on or off, the network’s full name, or only the icons is possible.
  • You can share emails by using a pop-up option.
  • Compatible with JigoShop, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce.
  • This plugin is natively connected with WPBakery Page Builder for easy use and setup.
  1. Revive Old Posts and Revive the Network
Sharing Your Posts On Social Media

We are intrigued by the two plugins offered by Revive Social. One that automatically posts some of your older content on social networks is called Revive Old Post. The other is called Revive Network, and it automatically shares engaging content to your social media accounts by aggregating it from other blogs and news sources. The annual cost of the Revive Old Post plugin is $75, which rises to $299 if you require maintenance for an infinite number of sites. The price of the Revive Network plugin for marketers starts at $49 and goes up to $399 annually. Revive Old Post is a free version but has some restrictions.


  • Revive Old Post offers steady information for your social media platforms and keeps your older blog entries current.
  • Moreover, the Revive Network offers an automated method to maintain the attention of your social media following. The primary distinction is that instead of sharing content from your blog, the Revive Network plugin shares content from other sites.
  • You can create a custom timetable to ensure posts are shared a specific number of times weekly.
  • Publish several posts at once.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of your social media posts and whether they are driving traffic to your website, you may combine them with Google Analytics.

Let TeknoFlair‘s WordPress experts help you choose the right social media plugins to increase shares and engagement. Get in touch today!

People Also Ask

How can I set up my WordPress content to be automatically shared on social media?

Go to the dashboard of WordPress and select Jetpack → Settings. Go to the top of the page and select the Sharing tab. The “Automatically share your posts to social networks” option can be toggled. To view all available social network integrations, click “Connect to your social media accounts.”

In WordPress, how can I display posts from social media?

Integrate Your WordPress Social Media Feed 

Select the Embed button in your visual customizer at the upper part. When you click on it, your social wall’s embed options appear. You can then copy the shortcode, add it to a page, or integrate it as a social media widget.

What is the WordPress plugin for social share counts?

With the addition of Shared Counts, your website will load quickly and have attractive social network sharing buttons. A WordPress plugin for social media share buttons is called Shared Counts. Sharing buttons boost traffic and engagement by enabling people to share your pages and posts with their contacts on social media.

In WordPress, how can I make a social share button?

Three Simple Ways to Include Social Media Buttons in WordPress

Go to Jetpack → Settings → Sharing to activate the sharing buttons. Select the Add Sharing buttons to your posts button under the Sharing buttons. Next, choose Settings → Sharing from your WordPress menu. Drag the services relevant to your website from the Sharing Buttons into the Enabled Services box.

Key Takeaways 

Importance of Social Media:

  • Social media is a powerful tool for engagement, brand exposure, revenue generation, and personalization.
  • It’s OK to have millions of followers; strategic use of social media can benefit even with a modest following.

Advantages of Social Media Plugins for WordPress:

  • Boost Engagement: Social media platforms enhance engagement by keeping users interested and involved.
  • Raise Awareness: Social media helps raise brand exposure globally, showcasing unique selling points and building brand awareness.
  • Generate Revenue: Social media platforms offer business promotion opportunities, attracting and converting potential customers.
  • Simple Personalization: Social media plugins can be customized to meet specific business needs, providing options for color, style, arrangement, and platform selection.

Essential Elements in Social Media Plugins:

  • Achievement: Plugins should be robust and lightweight, not negatively affecting website speed.
  • Qualities: Choose plugins with features that align with your needs, such as social sharing icons or social media feed displays.
  • Integration: Ensure compatibility with the social media channels where your business is active.

Top WordPress Plugins for Social Media Sharing:

  • Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons: Customizable with various placement options and supports multiple social media platforms.
  • Sassy Social Share: Supports sharing on over 110 platforms with beautifully designed icons.
  • Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress: Affordable with numerous features, including social sharing metrics and post view counter.
  • FS Poster: Allows scheduling and auto-posting, with insights and analytics, on over 14 social networks.
  • AddToAny Share Buttons: Offers universal sharing options with floating share bars and high-PPI vector icons.
  • Social Media Share Buttons by MashShare: Plugin provides free, highly functional sharing buttons that are entirely customizable.
  • Social Snap: User-friendly with features like auto-scheduling, boosting old posts, and extensive analytics.
  • Shareaholic: Provides engagement features like related posts, follow, and share buttons.
  • Social Media Share Buttons by ShareThis: Allows sharing on over 45 social media platforms with customization options.
  • Social Share & Locker Pro: Enhances visibility through customizable social share buttons and content locking.
  • Revive Old Post and Revive Network: Automatically shares older content and aggregates content from other sources for social media.

Setting up Automatic Social Media Sharing in WordPress:

  • Utilize plugins like Jetpack and connect your social media accounts to enable automatic sharing of posts.

Displaying Social Media Feeds in WordPress:

  • Integrate your social media feed using the visual customizer by selecting the embed button and copying the shortcode.

WordPress Plugin for Social Share Counts:

  • Use the Shared Counts plugin to add attractive social network sharing buttons, ensuring fast website loading.

Adding Social Share Buttons in WordPress:

  • Activate sharing buttons through Jetpack or use plugins like Shared Counts for customizable social share buttons.

By strategically incorporating social media plugins, businesses can enhance engagement, raise brand awareness, generate Revenue, and personalize their online presence on WordPress websites.

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