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How WP Fusion Can Transform Your LearnDash Website

WP Fusion Can Transform Your LearnDash Website
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Managing an online course platform comes with no shortage of moving pieces. Student data lives across LearnDash, your CRM, and email apps – how do you make sense of it all?

WP Fusion connects LearnDash and your CRM, allowing for smooth data flow and automation.

No more manually exporting quiz grades or updating duplicate records across systems. WP Fusion lets you personalize learning paths, activate workflows, and create customized experiences using CRM data.

The missing link to not just sync your platforms but unlock their full potential in unison. Read on to see how WP Fusion can transform your LearnDash ecosystem.

What is WP Fusion?

We know juggling student data across LearnDash, your CRM, email marketing tools, and other systems is a headache. Information gets siloed, analytics suffer, and manual syncing eats time.

WP Fusion

That’s where WP Fusion steps in to seamlessly integrate LearnDash with your martech stack for unified data and automated experiences.

WP Fusion’s sync updates your CRM contacts with course activity data, like new enrollments, lesson progress, and quiz results. You do not need to copy and paste.

But it goes much further than just syncing. With WP Fusion, you can:

  • Tag CRM records based on LearnDash events like course publishing or assessment failures.
  • Build personalized learning paths using those tags to adapt to students’ journeys.
  • When you achieve milestones, such as completing a module, activate email campaigns.
  • Automate complex workflows across systems upon LearnDash actions.

WP Fusion is the connection that helps you control online education using your current CRM, email, and automation tools. No more data siloes. Bring meaningful insights and customization to your student’s learning experience with the power of unified platforms.


  • Seamless Syncing

WP Fusion keeps your LearnDash student data and CRM records connected through automatic two-way syncing. Any time a course enrollment, progress update, or quiz score changes in LearnDash; it flows to the matched CRM profile.

Likewise, new contacts or details added to your CRM populate into LearnDash user accounts without manual exporting or importing. Now both systems stay in perfect sync.

  • Smarter Tagging

You can use tags in your CRM system to track student actions in LearnDash. These actions include passing quizzes, reaching course progress milestones, finishing assignments, and more.

These dynamic tags enable functions, such as blocking lessons until students complete course prerequisites. This is incredibly powerful for personalization.

  • Adaptive Learning Paths

Here is where WP Fusion really shines. Use those CRM tags to customize and adapt each student’s learning journey.

For example, high quiz scores could trigger tags that unlock advanced course content. Or low-performance tags could redirect to remedial lessons. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Automation Workflows

Lastly, WP Fusion enables leveraging your CRM platform’s workflow builder to automate actions based on LearnDash events.

Automate processes such as enrolling leads, sending emails for new modules, and removing inactive students from groups. The administration efficiencies are invaluable.

Integrating LearnDash with WP Fusion

Want to unite your LearnDash LMS and CRM data for more powerful functionality? The good news is seamlessly integrating them with WP Fusion is straightforward.

After installing and activating the WP Fusion plugin in WordPress, connect your CRM platform, such as HubSpot or Salesforce.

Within the WP Fusion settings, choose your CRM from the available options and enter the API credentials to link accounts.

With the CRM connected, WP Fusion automatically creates a matching CRM contact for any new WordPress user registration. Profiles stay in sync across both systems.

wp fusion learndash

From there, you can customize data flows and automation between LearnDash and your CRM using WP Fusion’s settings and tools:

  • Map LearnDash course and quiz data to CRM properties
  • Automatically enroll CRM contacts in courses
  • Restrict lesson access based on CRM criteria
  • Trigger emails from CRM when LearnDash milestones occur
  • Track course completions as CRM activities

The possibilities are endless for powerful combinations of your learning platform and customer data!

10 Ways to use WP Fusion for your LearnDash Website

WP Fusion plugin

1. Adapt and Customize LearnDash Courses

Tagging and Access

With WP Fusion’s CRM tagging functionality, you gain granular control over access to your LearnDash content.

For example, restrict access to certain courses or lessons only to students who have specific tags applied to their CRM profile. If the required tags aren’t present, automatically redirect the user to another page instead of the restricted content.

You can use this to gate more advanced modules until you have completed the initial courses. Or restrict paid content access based on subscription tags. The options are limitless.

WP Fusion lets you label your students in your CRM based on what they do on LearnDash.

These tags can trigger events. These events include sending a congratulatory email, giving a certificate, or enrolling the student in a new course.

The ability to control content access and apply logic based on CRM tags unlocks immense personalization and automation potential. WP Fusion makes it easy to build the ideal adaptive learning experience.

Granular Control Down to the Topic Level

By default, WP Fusion applies course-level access rules uniformly across all lessons, quizzes, and topics within that course. This inherits the access settings for simplicity.

However, you can easily override this inheritance by customizing access rules directly on individual lessons, quizzes, or topics as needed.

Just navigate to any lesson, quiz, or topic and configure the WP Fusion settings box. Any access rules specified here take priority over the default course-level settings.

This gives you granular control over gating access to learning activities at the most discrete topic level. Settings cascade down from course to lesson to topic in order of precedence.

For example, you may grant access to the overall course but restrict certain lessons using stricter tag requirements. Or make quizzes accessible only after completing prerequisites.

WP Fusion enables this advanced conditional logic and sequencing without coding complexity. You can easily create customized learning paths tailored to each student’s needs and performance.

You can change the settings for individual lessons, quizzes, or topics to customize your online education experience.

Lock Down Lessons with WP Fusion’s Conditional Access Controls

WP Fusion allows you to limit access to specific lessons and topics in your LearnDash courses using CRM tag rules.

But what if you still want those restricted lessons to appear in the course navigation? Just not accessible to students who don’t meet the requirements.

That is where the Lock Lessons setting comes in handy.

Show but Disable Restricted Lessons

When Lock Lessons is active, it hides lessons or topics that students cannot access due to unmet tag rules.

The course outline still includes these locked items but shows them as not available. This allows students to see if there is gated content coming up if they progress and meet prerequisites.

For example, you can disable a final exam module once the course is 80% completed. Students can see the exam is pending the completion of earlier modules.

WP Fusion
Presto Player and WP Fusion unlock content when users watch videos.

Want to gate access to content until users fully view a video? Using Presto Player and WP Fusion together makes it easy.

When configuring any Presto video, enable the “Trigger Tag” setting under the Actions tab. Choose a WP Fusion tag to apply when that video finishes playing.

Then within your page or content, access rules require the video’s corresponding tag as the criteria to unlock it.

Now the process will be:

  • The user initiates your video, but the desired content blocks it.
  • When they’ve watched 100% of the video, the assigned tag fires via Presto Player.
  • WP Fusion applies the tag to their profile.
  • Your access rules detect the tag and grant access.

No complicated coding is needed! Just smart connections between Presto Player actions and WP Fusion tags/rules.

The gatekeeper will keep the content until video milestones are hit. Set up blended video learning paths in a few clicks.

Customize the Locked Lesson Message

You can override the default “Not Available” message shown on disabled lessons. Customize it globally or per course.

For example, change it to something more encouraging: “Complete Module 5 to Unlock the Exam”. Please rewrite this sentence without using passive voice:

Or explain the required tags to access restricted content.

wp fusion learndash
Works Across LearnDash Themes and Apps

Locked Lessons integrate seamlessly across LearnDash themes like Focus Mode. And they display properly within mobile apps like BuddyBoss too.

Students simply can’t access the lesson itself until they meet the defined tag criteria. Clean, simple access control.

So unlock the potential of conditional access to lessons with WP Fusion’s Lock Lessons feature!

wp fusion plugin

Build Personalized Courses with WP Fusion’s Filter Course Steps

Want to offer tailored course experiences that adapt to each learner’s needs and interests? WP Fusion’s Filter Course Steps is the game-changer.

This tool applies your rules to every step and activity in a LearnDash course, like lessons, quizzes, and assignments. The course outline will hide steps that a user cannot access due to their CRM tag requirements.

This unlocks incredible personalization potential like:

  • Showing remedial content to students who struggle with assessments
  • Unlocking advanced modules for students who excel and are ready for a challenge
  • Skipping unnecessary lessons on subjects users are already proficient in
  • Requiring participation in certain lessons based on user attributes like career goals

The possibilities are truly endless to adapt courses based on each learner’s tags and performance. You have granular control over every step a user sees.

Smooth Integration with LearnDash

For best results, enable Shared Course Steps in your LearnDash course settings. Otherwise, if lessons hide, progress bars might show discrepancies.

Filter Course Steps seamlessly integrates with your default LearnDash theme and focus Mode or any other supported themes.

In summary, put the power of personalized learning paths into practice with Filter Course Steps. This is the future of tailored education!

2. Show and Hide WordPress Blocks Dynamically with Block Visibility

Creating targeted content to connect with users doesn’t need to be code-heavy or complex. Block Visibility makes it easy. This no-code solution lets you control block visibility throughout your WordPress site based on conditions you set:

  • Target-Specific User Roles
    Show or hide blocks for logged-in, logged-out, or any user role like members, admins, etc.
  • Responsive Display 

Change block visibility by screen size for seamless, responsive design.

  • Integrate 

With User Data Display blocks based on CRM tags, ACF fields, WP Fusion tags, user metadata, and more.

  • Schedule Blocks 

Set time-based rules to show or hide blocks at specific dates and times. Also, target blocks by page URL, user agent, cookies, query strings, and custom PHP code snippets.

Built exclusively for the WordPress block editor, Block Visibility works with any native, third-party, or even customized block.

Block Visibility

3. Track Performance and Automate Workflows

WP Fusion opens up powerful possibilities for tracking quiz performance and driving actions based on student scores.

Find the WP Fusion settings when editing any LearnDash quiz to unlock capabilities like:

  • Apply for Pass/Fail Tags

Automatically assign tags in the CRM when students pass or fail the quiz to categorize comprehension levels.

  • Tag on Essay Submission

Students should notify teachers to grade essays by adding a tag when they submit them. Else, inform students that we have received their work.

  • Sync Final Scores

Send quiz scores to associated CRM profiles, so you have complete records of student performance all in one place.

  • Sync Total Points Earned

Else, sync the total points received if you score quizzes by points rather than percentages.

wp fusion learndash

These options integrate your quizzes deeper with your CRM data and workflows. Gain visibility into student progress through tests and assignments. Then build personalized experiences based on performance.

For example:

  • Email low-scoring students encouragement or remedial course suggestions
  • Unlock access to the next module upon passing the quiz
  • Assign tasks for teachers to provide essay feedback

The possibilities are unlimited. Assess mastery, react, and automate with WP Fusion’s quiz integrations!

4. Capture & Analyze LearnDash Quiz Question Answers with WP Fusion Sync

Want even deeper insights into student comprehension from your LearnDash quizzes? WP Fusion lets you sync answers to individual quiz questions with your CRM to unlock analysis potential. In WP Fusion settings, you can choose a CRM field to save the user’s answer for each quiz question.

After quiz submission, the system will record their answer selection (like A, B, C, or D) to their CRM profile’s field.

wp fusion plugin

Why Sync Question Answers?

This enables powerful visibility like:

  • Identifying which questions students frequently miss to pinpoint knowledge gaps
  • Correlating responses to customize learning paths adaptively based on strengths/weaknesses
  • Comparing answer patterns across student segments for cohort analysis
  • Tracking comprehension of concepts over time based on past vs. present quiz performance
  • Automating emails to students reviewing questions they missed

In summary, question sync gives you granular data to personalize instruction, iterate content, and close knowledge gaps. Tap the potential of deep quiz analytics with WP Fusion!

5. Enhance LearnDash with Custom Tabs for Dynamic Personalization

The LearnDash Custom Tabs plugin equips you to easily add personalized tabbed content to your LearnDash courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

With custom tabs, you can:

  • Target Tabs to Specific Users

Display tabs only to enrolled students, certain groups, or users with specific roles or tags for a tailored experience.

  • Add Tabs Sitewide or Per Item

Configure tabs globally across all courses, lessons, etc., or individually on specific items where you want them.

  • Set Tab Visibility Rules

Control tab visibility with precision, like showing to logged-in users based on tags, user fields, or any WordPress role.

  • Sort Tabs in any Order

Arrange tabs in the sequence you want students to navigate through dynamic materials.

  • Support for LearnDash and WordPress Icons

Visualize tabs using standard icon libraries so they are clear and consistent.

  • Display WordPress Shortcodes

Render tabs with WordPress shortcodes to pull in content dynamically.

With these features, Custom Tabs unlocks new levels of customization for delivering personalized, layered learning experiences in LearnDash.

6. Automate Group Enrollment and Management

Do you offer cohort-based courses or teams within your LearnDash learning programs? WP Fusion helps automate and customize the group experience.

wp fusion

Find the WP Fusion configuration when editing any LearnDash group. Use tools like:

  • Auto Apply Tags on Enroll

Pick tags to add automatically when a user joins the group through any method. Keep milestone tags applied even if they leave later.

  • Link to Enrollment Tags

When you add or remove a CRM tag, it instantly adds or removes the group enrollment.

  • Set Group Leaders with Tags

Similarly, assign CRM tags to automatically assign group leaders. Remove leadership tags to step down leaders.

These settings help fit group management into your workflows. Auto enroll from tags, set leaders, and remove when CRM records change.

No manual roster or role updating is needed. WP Fusion does the heavy lifting!

7. Track Assignment Completion with WP Fusion’s Upload Tags

Want to know the moment a student submits their assignment to a LearnDash lesson? WP Fusion makes it easy to do.

When configuring any lesson with assignments enabled, you’ll see a WP Fusion setting to “tag on upload.”

wp fusion learndash

Select CRM tags you wish to automatically apply when a user uploads their completed assignment. 

No more manual tracking or spreadsheets are needed. Let WP Fusion handle the busy work of assigning tags on assignment uploads across all your lessons.

Now you can see at a glance who has completed assignments and automate the next steps based on submission activity. Simple yet powerful!

8. Sync LearnDash Progress to Your CRM with WP Fusion’s Pseudo Fields

Want to capture your students’ entire learning journey with your CRM? WP Fusion makes it easy with special “pseudo” contact fields.

Enable progress tracking fields like:

  • Last Course Enrolled
  • Last Lesson/Topic Completed
  • Last Course Progressed
  • Last Course Completed

The CRM system updates its records with students’ progress as soon as they finish LearnDash activities. 

This gives you an end-to-end view of each learner’s achievements over time in one place without complex reporting.

wp fusion plugin

Why Track Progress in Your CRM?

With learning activities compacted in your CRM, you can:

  • Segment and target re-engagement campaigns for stalled students
  • Alert instructors when a student finishes their module
  • Reward course completion with automated certifications
  • Notify users of newly published relevant content based on the progress

The possibilities are unlimited, with a complete view of each learner’s journey.

Note that due to real-time sync, historical LearnDash data before installing WP Fusion won’t transfer over. But going forward, you’ll capture the full picture.

9. Automatically Sync ThriveCart Passwords to Your CRM

If you use ThriveCart to sell access to LearnDash courses, here’s a handy tip.

With LearnDash 3.4+ and WP Fusion, you can automatically sync randomly generated learner passwords from ThriveCart back to associated CRM records.

This allows sending new students their login credentials within automated CRM emails like “Welcome to the course!” after purchase.

How ThriveCart Password Sync Works

  • The user purchases the LD course via ThriveCart
  • Random WP password created during enrollment
  • WP Fusion detects enrollment and grabs the password
  • Password synced to matched CRM contact record
  • Email welcome/credentials from CRM workflow

By enabling “Return Password” in WP Fusion’s webhooks, your CRM will stay in sync with credentials for every new ThriveCart enrollment.

No more manual lookups or confusion when customers forget logins! Just automate effective onboarding at scale.

10. Track LearnDash Progress as Events in Your CRM

Want even more visibility into your students’ LearnDash activity right within your CRM? The WP Fusion Event Tracking add-on delivers.

It captures LearnDash engagement as events in supported CRMs like HubSpot and ActiveCampaign.

Where to Configure LearnDash Event Tracking

You can enable event tracking in two places:

  • Globally from WP Fusion’s settings area
wp fusion
  • On individual LearnDash courses, in the WP Fusion meta box while editing
wp fusion learndash

Available LearnDash Event Triggers

You can track these events:

  • Course Started – Triggered on enrollment
  • Course Progress – Triggered on any content completion
  • Quiz Completed – Triggered on quiz completion

These events can pass key data like course titles, quiz scores, and progress percentages as variables.

Why Track LearnDash Events?

Within your CRM, tracked events unlock capabilities like:

  • Segmenting contacted by learning behaviors
  • Automating workflows when milestones occur
  • Analyzing engagement trends over time
  • Personalizing follow-up based on progress

Event tracking shows you what your students do on LearnDash in your CRM. This way, you can see everything they do and send them the right messages.

Batch Operations

  • Course enrollment statuses
  • Course Progress
  • Enrollment Date & Expiration
  • Group enrollment statuses
  • Progress meta

WP Fusion Lite

WP Fusion Lite seamlessly integrates your WordPress user accounts with leading CRM and marketing platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and more.

It synchronizes user profile data between both systems so you maintain one centralized source of truth. No more manual exports or duplicate entries.


WP Fusion Lite packs powerful core features for WordPress-CRM integration:

  • Automatically create CRM contacts

Instantly create new contacts in your CRM when users register on your WordPress site. Data stays perfectly in sync.

  • Restrict access with CRM criteria.

Control access to site content like blog posts using tags, lists, and other data stored in your CRM platform.

  • Synchronize user data

Seamlessly sync custom user fields from WordPress user profiles into matching CRM contact records.

  • Apply tags on registration.

Assign CRM tags when users complete important milestones like registering for your site.

  • Import contacts as users

Bring contacts from your CRM into WordPress as user accounts. Automatically generate secure passwords.

  • Export users to CRM

Map and export WordPress user account over to your CRM as full contact records in bulk.

  • Track site activity

Record WordPress site visits in your CRM as contact engagement activity using tracking scripts.

With these essential features, WP Fusion Lite simplifies WordPress-CRM connections eliminates data siloes, and unlocks personalization based on CRM intelligence.

WP Fusion Lite vs Pro: What’s the Difference?

WP Fusion Lite offers a free yet powerful way to connect your registered WordPress users with your CRM contacts.

It seamlessly synchronizes key user data like names and emails between both systems to maintain one source of truth. No more manual exports or updating duplicate records.

WP Fusion Lite only syncs basic user data. It does not include more advanced integration features like:

  • Applying CRM tags automatically based on purchases, course enrollments, etc.
  • Syncing form entries, customers, and other plugin activity
  • Controlling site access with CRM segment logic
  • Bi-directional field mapping between WordPress and CRM

For those advanced capabilities, WP Fusion Pro unlocks the full suite of smart CRM integrations and automation.

WP Fusion Lite is a free tool that links your site with your CRM software. CRM software helps you manage your contacts.

WP Fusion Pro is a paid tool that does more. It sends and gets more info between your site and CRM. It also lets you change your messages based on your contacts’ actions. 

So consider your needs – if basic user profile sync fits your use case, Lite could be the ideal free solution. WP Fusion Pro is preferable for deeper platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Two-directional sync automatically exchanges LearnDash and CRM data like enrollments, grades, and profiles.
  • Control access to courses, lessons, and topics based on CRM tags and logic
  • Build personalized learning paths by hiding/showing content dynamically
  • Automate workflows for enrollments, notifications, and more based on LearnDash triggers
  • Track quiz performance down to individual question responses for insights
  • Capture LearnDash activity as events within your CRM for complete visibility
  • Special integration features for groups, assignments, videos, and more
  • Free WP Fusion Lite handles basic user profile sync, and Pro unlocks automation
  • Combined platforms > than the sum of their parts. WP Fusion connects the dots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WP Fusion integrate LearnDash with my CRM?

The plugin connects your CRM using API credentials. Then it provides settings to customize data flows and automation triggers between the platforms.

What data can be synced between LearnDash and CRM?

User profiles, course activities like lessons completed, quiz scores, course progress percentages, content access, and more.

How does conditional content access work?

You can restrict access to courses, lessons, topics, etc., based on criteria like CRM tags, user fields, segmented lists, and more.

Can I track detailed quiz performance?

Yes, sync individual question responses, pass/fail tags, and grades to your CRM for analysis.

What automation can I set up?

Workflows triggered by LearnDash events like enrolling users, emailing upon content completion, removing inactive students, and more.

Is WP Fusion complicated to set up?

Not at all! The plugin installs just like any other. Connect your CRM, and you’re ready to start customizing the integration settings.

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