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The Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins to Supercharge Your Online Course Website

Learndash Plugins
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In the ever-growing world of online learning, having a robust learning management system (LMS) is essential for creating and managing your courses. LearnDash is a powerful LMS that provides a solid foundation for your online course website. However, to truly supercharge your courses and take your e-learning platform to the next level, you need to leverage the power of plugins. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best LearnDash plugins available today that can transform your online course website into a dynamic and engaging platform.

Enhancing Quizzes

Quizzes play a crucial role in assessing learner knowledge and engagement. By using the right plugins, you can create interactive and engaging quizzes that enhance the learning experience. Here are some best LearnDash Plugins for Interactive Quizzes

  1. Quiz Embed for LearnDash by ELearningComplete: This plugin allows you to seamlessly embed quizzes created with popular quiz builders into your LearnDash courses. With this integration, you can create interactive quizzes that captivate learners and provide valuable feedback.
  2. H5P for LearnDash: H5P is a powerful plugin that enables you to create interactive and engaging content, including quizzes, presentations, and interactive videos. By integrating H5P with LearnDash, you can enhance your quizzes with multimedia elements and interactivity.
  3. Tin Canny Reporting by Uncanny Owl: This plugin provides advanced reporting and analytics for your LearnDash quizzes. It allows you to track learner progress, analyze quiz results, and gain valuable insights to improve your courses.
  4. Quiz Results Exports in Excel by TeknoFlair: With this plugin, you can export quiz results in Excel format, making it easier to analyze learner performance and identify areas for improvement. Gain access to important statistics such as the average score, number of attempts, last attempt, and the list of users who have passed the quiz. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to enhance the learning experience and drive learner success.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 1

  1. LearnDash Retake Quiz: LearnDash Retake Quiz add-on enables learners to retake quizzes multiple times, promoting knowledge reinforcement and retention. It incorporates spaced repetition by setting a waiting time between attempts, enhancing the learning process.
  2. LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate: LearnDash Pay For Quiz/Certificate add-on monetizes your LearnDash site by selling quiz access and course certificates, increasing revenue and enhancing the learning experience.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 2
  1. LearnDash Advanced Quizzes: LearnDash Advanced Quizzes is an add-on designed to enhance the quiz functionality within LearnDash. It offers a range of features to improve engagement and effectiveness. Students can save their progress and return to quizzes at a later time, allowing for flexibility and accommodating their schedules. The add-on also allows for point deductions when questions are answered incorrectly, adding a layer of accountability. Additionally, you can set time limits for each question, creating a sense of urgency and raising the stakes. The add-on introduces new question types such as jumbled sentence, swipe, calculated formula, drag and fill, and audio questions, providing a more diverse and interactive quiz experience for students. Overall, LearnDash Advanced Quizzes aims to make quizzes more engaging and effective in supporting the learning process.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 3

  1. LearnDash Leaderboard by TeknoFlair: LearnDash Leaderboard by TeknoFlair is a powerful plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the LearnDash learning management system by providing course-based ranking features. With this plugin, you can easily create and add unlimited course leaderboards to their site, allowing users to see and compare their performance to others. The plugin offers advanced filtering options based on year, course category, and specific courses, enabling tailored leaderboards to be displayed. Users can view their rank in the leaderboard using a shortcode, and the plugin also supports mobile responsiveness, adapting to different screen sizes. Additionally, it allows the customization of the number of users displayed in the leaderboard and offers the option to show specific LearnDash Group courses and users. The LearnDash Leaderboard plugin even provides congratulatory pop-ups upon quiz or course completion, including the user’s rank in the respective leaderboard. 
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 4


Certificates are great incentives for learners to complete courses and showcase their accomplishments. Here are some Best LearnDash plugins 

  1. LearnDash Certificate Verify And Share by WooNinjas: LearnDash Certificate Verify And Share is a powerful add-on that enhances the value of your online courses by offering verifiable certificates. With this add-on, students can easily verify their earned certificates through a dedicated search page on your website. They can share their achievements confidently with employers and professionals by providing a direct link to the certificate verification page. This add-on ensures the authenticity of course performance and encourages students to showcase their credentials effectively.It also allows students to share their certificates on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 5

  1. Certificate Tracker for LearnDash: With the Certificate Tracker for LearnDash, you have the ability to assign unique IDs to all your certificates, ensuring their authenticity. These IDs can then be easily verified using the addon plugin, the Certificate Verifier for LearnDash.
  2. Certificate Verifier for LearnDash: The Certificate Verifier for LearnDash is a valuable add-on that enhances the credibility of your online courses by allowing easy verification of certificate authenticity. By simply scanning the QR code or manually entering the certificate ID, learners and employers can instantly verify the validity of a certificate. This feature helps prevent the misuse of fake certificates and ensures the integrity of your course ratings.  Additionally, the plugin offers the option to include a QR code on your certificates for seamless verification. Boost confidence and trust in your courses with the Certificate Verifier for LearnDash.

Building Community 

Building a sense of community among learners is essential for engagement and collaboration. Here are some Best LearnDash plugins that can help you foster a thriving community:

  1. BuddyBoss: BuddyBoss is a comprehensive social networking platform that integrates seamlessly with LearnDash. It allows learners to interact, collaborate, and engage with each other through forums, groups, and messaging.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 6

  1. BBPress: BBPress is a popular forum plugin that you can integrate with LearnDash to create discussion boards and forums. Learners can ask questions, share ideas, and engage in peer-to-peer learning.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 7

  1. Peepso for eLearning: Peepso is a social networking plugin that enables you to build a community around your online courses. You can create user profiles, activity feeds, and private messaging, fostering connections and engagement among learners.

Membership and Access Control 

Membership plugins allow you to control access to your courses, offer premium content, and create different membership levels. Here are some Best LearnDash plugins for membership and access control:

  1. Paid Memberships Pro: With Paid Memberships Pro, you can create membership levels, restrict access to courses, and offer exclusive content to your members. It integrates seamlessly with LearnDash, providing a robust membership solution.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 8

  1. Wishlist Members: Wishlist Members is a popular membership plugin that can be integrated with LearnDash. You can restrict content, manage subscriptions, and create a personalized learning experience for your members.
  2. MemberPress for LearnDash: MemberPress is a powerful membership plugin that integrates smoothly with LearnDash. It allows you to sell courses, manage memberships, and control access to your content.
  3. Memberium Integration: Memberium Integration seamlessly connects LearnDash with Memberium, unlocking advanced membership features within your courses. Effortlessly manage user access, protect content, and deliver personalized learning experiences based on membership levels. Enhance your LearnDash courses with the power of Memberium integration.
  4. Restrict Content Pro for LearnDash: Restrict Content Pro for LearnDash integrates membership features, enabling you to protect LearnDash course content based on subscriptions. It creates a secure and exclusive e-learning platform, efficiently managing user access and permissions.

B2B: Sell Courses to Groups and Organizations

With LearnDash, you can sell courses not only to individual users but also to businesses and organizations. Here are some popular plugins that facilitate selling your courses to organizations and businesses.

  1. Groups Plus by LearnDash: Groups Plus is a LearnDash plugin that enhances the functionality of groups, allowing for more advanced group management and communication features. It provides additional capabilities for group leaders and members, optimizing the group learning experience.
  2. Groups Registration for LearnDash by WisdmLabs: This plugin by WisdmLabs extends Learndash’s group functionality by adding a registration feature. It allows users to join specific groups or courses through a streamlined registration process, simplifying user enrollment and group management.
  3. Organization Toolkit by Training Spark: The Organization Toolkit plugin is designed to streamline the administration and management of organizations within LearnDash. It provides tools and features to efficiently handle user roles, permissions, reporting, and other organizational aspects, enhancing the learning experience for organizational users.
  4. Uncanny Groups by Uncanny Owl: Uncanny Groups is a powerful LearnDash plugin that adds additional features and functionality to LearnDash groups. It offers enhanced group management capabilities, communication tools, and reporting features, providing a more comprehensive and seamless group learning experience.
  5. Parent and Student Access by HonorsWP: Parent Student Access is a LearnDash plugin that allows parents or guardians to monitor and manage their child’s learning progress. It provides a secure and convenient way for parents to access their child’s course information, grades, and communication, fostering effective parent-student engagement in the learning process.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 9

Integrating with Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation plugins can help you streamline your marketing efforts and engage with your learners effectively. Here are some Best LearnDash plugins for integrating with marketing automation platforms:

  1. WP Fusion: WP Fusion provides seamless integration between LearnDash and popular marketing automation platforms like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and HubSpot. You can automate email marketing campaigns, segment learners, and deliver personalized content.
  2. LearnDash ConvertKit: This plugin integrates LearnDash with ConvertKit, a popular email marketing platform. You can automate email sequences, send targeted messages, and nurture learner relationships.
  3. LearnDash GroundHogg Integration: GroundHogg is a powerful marketing automation plugin that can be integrated with LearnDash. It allows you to automate your marketing workflows, track learner behavior, and deliver personalized experiences.

Gamification and Engagement 

Gamification elements can boost learner engagement and motivation. Here are some Best LearnDash Plugins for Gamification in Online Courses:

  1. GamiPress: GamiPress is a gamification plugin that seamlessly integrates with LearnDash, allowing you to add an engaging layer of achievements, badges, and points to your e-learning courses. With GamiPress LearnDash integration, you can reward learners for their progress and accomplishments within the LearnDash framework. Learners can earn points and achievements for completing courses, passing quizzes, and achieving various LearnDash events. This integration enhances the learning experience and motivates learners to actively participate and excel in their courses.
  2. BadgeOS: BadgeOS is another popular gamification plugin that integrates with LearnDash. It enables you to award badges and achievements to learners based on their course progress and accomplishments.
  3. MyCred LearnDash: The myCred Learndash addon transforms your Learndash e-learning platform with its comprehensive points-based system, bringing a new level of engagement to the learning experience. Users can effortlessly earn and utilize points across courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes, enhancing their learning experience. With features like point-based course purchases, automated point rewards, and dynamic leaderboards, it adds excitement and motivation to the learning process. The addon also streamlines administrative tasks through a user-friendly dashboard, simplifying the management of user logs and point balances. Overall, myCred Learndash is a game-changer, empowering both learners and administrators with its intuitive features and efficient functionality.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 10

Workflow Automation and Administration 

Workflow automation plugins help streamline administrative tasks and improve efficiency. Here are some Best LearnDash plugins for workflow automation:

  1. Automator Plugin by Uncanny Owl: This plugin enables you to automate various actions within your LearnDash website. You can trigger actions based on learner behavior, course progress, or specific events, automating repetitive tasks and improving the overall learner experience.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 11

  1. AutomatorWP: AutomatorWP is a powerful automation plugin for WordPress that provides a wide range of features to enhance your workflows. With unlimited triggers and actions, you can configure as many automation rules as needed for each specific task. Whether your users are logged in or anonymous visitors, AutomatorWP allows you to create automation tailored to their needs. You can schedule automation to run actions manually, on specific dates, or on a recurring basis, making it easy to target different user groups effectively. When it comes to managing your site’s posts, AutomatorWP offers automation options like cleaning up older posts or sending email notifications to administrators about pending ones. You can apply filters with customizable conditions to trigger specific actions based on specific criteria. The plugin also supports sequential triggers, allowing you to create sequences where users must fulfill triggers in a specific order. With the use of tags, you can pass dynamic information from triggers to actions, including user and post metadata. 
  2. LearnDash Slack: By integrating LearnDash with Slack, a popular team communication platform, you can streamline communication and collaboration and configure unlimited notifications to enhance the learning experience. This integration allows you to set up custom notifications that appear in one or multiple Slack channels as learners interact with LearnDash course content.
Ultimate List of Best LearnDash Plugins 12

Reporting and Analytics 

Reporting and analytics plugins provide valuable insights into learner progress, course performance, and engagement. Here are some Best LearnDash plugins for reporting and analytics:

  1. LearnDash ProPanel: Take control of your LearnDash LMS with the robust LearnDash ProPanel add-on. Gain comprehensive insights into user progress, course enrollment, and quiz results. Effortlessly track and manage learners’ performance, generate reports, and understand your e-learning ecosystem effectively.
  2. LearnDash Grade Book: Simplify grading and assessment processes using the powerful LearnDash Grade Book add-on. Efficiently manage and evaluate learners’ performance by assigning grades to quizzes, assignments, and course activities. Keep track of individual progress and overall performance with customizable grading scales and the ability to export reports, streamlining the grading process.
  3. User Insights for LearnDash: Elevate your understanding of learner behavior with the User Insights for LearnDash add-on. Gain valuable data on user activity, course enrollment, and engagement metrics. Get a holistic view of each learner’s progress, including course completion rates, quiz scores, and time spent on different modules. Use this information to personalize learning experiences, identify knowledge gaps, and drive learner success.
  4. Frontend Scores and Reports: Enhance the learner experience with the Frontend Scores and Reports add-on. This user-friendly tool brings quiz scores and progress reports directly to the front end of your LearnDash site. Learners can conveniently view their scores and track their performance without navigating to the backend, promoting transparency, motivation, and a sense of achievement in the learning environment.

Miscellaneous Tools

Apart from the specific categories mentioned above, there are several miscellaneous tools that can enhance your LearnDash website. Here are some notable ones:

  1. Zoom WordPress plugin by Elearning Evolve: This plugin integrates Zoom video conferencing seamlessly into your LearnDash courses. You can conduct live virtual classrooms, webinars, and interactive sessions, promoting real-time collaboration and engagement.
  2. Import/Export Courses by WooNinjas: This plugin simplifies the process of importing and exporting courses between different LearnDash installations. You can easily migrate courses, share content with other instructors, or create backups for future use.
  3. Design Upgrade for LearnDash: Design Upgrade for LearnDash is a plugin that completely revamps the design of LearnDash. It enhances the visual appearance and user experience by aligning LearnDash with your existing WordPress theme. The upgrade includes various improvements such as larger clickable areas, rounded corners on buttons, increased font sizes, enhanced focus mode design, improved profile styles, unified login and registration forms, equal height columns in the course grid, and much more. 
  4. Visibility Control for LearnDash: Visibility Control for LearnDash is a versatile plugin that enables you to hide or show specific messages and content on your WordPress page based on various criteria. You can customize the visibility of HTML elements, menus, and other details based on the user’s access to LearnDash courses or groups, login status, or user role. By simply adding CSS classes to the desired elements, you can control their visibility for different user conditions. The plugin offers flexibility in displaying content for specific courses, completion status, groups, or user roles. 
  5. The Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash: The Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash is a comprehensive plugin that enhances the functionality and user experience of your LearnDash e-learning site. With 16 modules included, it offers essential features such as a front-end login form, login redirects, resume capabilities, and more. It allows you to replace the default WordPress login form, hide the admin bar for specific user roles, enable learners to resume courses where they left off, control menu item visibility based on user login status, show or hide content with shortcodes, and add login/logout links to menus or widgets. 
  6. Custom Template for LearnDash: The Custom Template for LearnDash plugin offers a convenient solution for creating personalized sales pages. By utilizing any page builder of your choice, you can design a conversion-friendly sales or landing page. This custom page will only be visible to non-enrolled students who have not purchased the course yet. The process is straightforward: install and activate the plugin, create a new Custom Template through the LearnDash LMS menu, and select the desired template for each individual course. The default LearnDash template for that specific course will then be replaced with the custom template, allowing you to optimize your conversion rates. 
  7. Course Scheduler for LearnDash: Course Scheduler for LearnDash allows administrators to effortlessly drag and drop active courses onto a calendar. The add-on offers two options: showing courses only on the dates specified on the calendar or displaying courses on all dates except the ones set on the calendar. Additionally, administrators can set customized messages for scheduled courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes prior to their availability on specific dates.
  8. GrassBlade xAPI Companion: GrassBlade xAPI Companion is a highly capable WordPress plugin that enables you to easily upload and host xAPI, SCORM, cmi5, and HTML5 content on your WordPress website using various methods. By connecting it to GrassBlade Cloud LRS or any other Learning Record Store (LRS), you can instantly track and gather valuable data. This powerful plugin, renowned for its seamless integration capabilities, effortlessly integrates with a wide range of learning technologies and popular tools within your business and eLearning ecosystem. 

Final Words

By leveraging the power of these best LearnDash plugins, you can supercharge your online course website and provide an exceptional learning experience for your students. Whether you want to enhance quizzes, create a vibrant community, automate workflows, or gain valuable insights through reporting and analytics, the plugins listed above offer a diverse range of features to meet your specific needs. Explore these plugins, experiment with different combinations, and customize your LearnDash-powered website to boost learner engagement, improve user experience, and achieve your e-learning goals. Transform your online course website into a dynamic and successful platform with the ultimate list of Best LearnDash plugins.

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