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The Importance of Backing Up a WordPress Website

Backup for WordPress Website
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An entrepreneur is motivated by an original idea which helps them mold their vision into a business. With the assistance of WordPress the most simple and easy content management system, they can pursue their dreams comfortably.

Although it is not that easy to build a business, there are many obstacles which an entrepreneur has to overcome to establish a sustainable business. From creating a user-friendly product or service to developing a solid marketing strategy.

But one of the most important obstacles which an entrepreneur is unaware off is regularly backing up their WordPress website. A business has to go through many errors as they grow into a big corporation. Hence they need a chance to learn and correct their mistakes. When a business makes a habit of regularly backing up their WordPress site they will be able to do so.

Importance of Backing up a WordPress Website

WordPress is a free and simple content management system which doesn’t require any technical knowledge to understand, anyone can set up a website on it. But either you are running a blog, business etc you should never forget the importance of backing up your site.

There are many reasons for a WordPress website owner to regularly backup their site. Here is a list of top 5 reasons for an entrepreneur to backup their WordPress Website.

  • Migrating to a new host
  • Securing your website
  • Faulty plugins and themes
  • Individual Error
  • Unexpected Catastrophes

Migrating to a New Host

If you have been using a hosting service which is now charging you more than what they promised and you want to move to a new host you’ll need to backup your website first. Similarly if you are rebranding and simply want to move your website to a new URL you would need a backup. If you regularly back up your site than migrating would be extremely easy.

Regularly backing up your site will ensure a safe migration as a WordPress website can have many problems while migrating. Some files need permission to access when you are migrating to a new hosting server. Many files can cause a security issue and if the new host forbids such commands, transferring of the file will result in a server error. These problems can be difficult to solve and cause the website to lose much of their time.

Securing your website

Even having a strong firewall and a stable security system doesn’t guarantee that your site will not experience internal and external threats. The threats can come in the form of Viruses, malware or through other means of hacking.

There are many security plugins which can help a WordPress site from these threats but it is important to regularly back up your web page. You never know what can go wrong, so by backing up you can continue and relaunch your site easily if any threat jeopardizes your site.

Faulty Plugins and Themes

Some businesses or startups tend to use plugins and themes which are either faulty or incompatible with the latest version of WordPress. They may seem to be working properly but are creating your web page to low down and even making you lose your data.

A faulty plugin or theme can cause the site to have a white screen of death, which may sound terrifying and cause you much trouble. If your site is backed up you can identify and fix this problem. Even if the issue is not solved you can easily set up your site elsewhere with your backup.

Individual Error

There is always a chance that an employee can make an error. They can delete a file or even overwrite on it. A wrong command implemented by an employee can cause the wrong data to be updated on the site. A human can make simple mistakes which can cause a WordPress site to experience harm or in extreme cases to shut down.

When an entrepreneur backs up their WordPress site, they can easily alter or change any error. Through regular backups an employee or an experienced professional developer can learn and rectify their mistakes.

Unexpected Catastrophe

You can hire professional developers or use high-end plugins and themes for your WordPress website but still cannot predict catastrophes. Your host servers may suffer from a malfunction or have a shutdown. A natural disaster can destroy your servers so it is best to have an offsite backup of your WordPress Website.

Even though such catastrophes rarely happen but its better to be safe than sorry. Regularly backing up a site can save a business from such a threat as you never know what can go wrong.


Some WordPress website owners assume that backups are done by the hosting services however, this may vary depending on the providers. You may be using a cheap service with limited options. Such services will never back up your data. You should always read the terms and conditions section before assuming that they will take care of your data.

Even if the host is providing a secure back up it is better to create an offsite backup. This will help the site to maintain a systematic and easy access to their backup. You can never predict when a catastrophe might happen and erase the backup servers of the host. Even simple errors can manipulate the backup or can cause a hacker to infiltrate into your backups.

If a threat harms a WordPress website businesses have to utilize their precious time and money to restore the web page. Maintain backups is beneficial because even if any threat harms a site they can resume their activities through the backup.

Unfortunately, the importance of backups comes to mind after suffering from a data loss or web page shut down. An entrepreneur should try to make backups as a priority on their daily tasks.

If you enjoyed the blog and found the details within helpful please do let us know and don’t forget to check out our services at wpengineers.com. We provide WordPress website maintenance and support services.

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