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10 Online Businesses Running Successfully on WordPress

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WordPress is one of the best platforms for online businesses. It is simple and is hands down the most popular content management system in the world. Entrepreneurs can easily customize their websites and accommodate all their needs through plugins.

Businesses feel confident using WordPress because there is no need to learn any code and they can easily setup their websites to start operations. Following is a list of businesses that have chosen WordPress as the base of their operations.


Envato is a place for creative projects. Its marketplaces or subscription products helps you tap into creative talent all around the world. Envato began as a small idea that Collis and Cyan Ta’eed and Jun Rung developed.

What started as a small business in a garage somewhere in Sydney in 2006 and transformed into a place that defines people. Many products and marketplaces are running under the Envato umbrella including Evanto Elements, Envato studio, ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

Restaurant engine

Restaurant engine is a website designed to help restaurants, cafes, food trucks and bars to attract more customers and grow on the web. It was launched in 2011 and is founded by Brian Casal.

Restaurant engine offers restaurants website templates, set of DIY restaurant website management tools and a managed web hosting. It is a part of the parent company Adams technology ventures LLC.


PressBooks is an open source book publication tool which helps users in designing and creating books. Hugh Mcguire founded Press Book in 2011, the company is based in Montreal, Canada.

Press Books develops books in many formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, web, and a variety of XML. The files are compatible with all top online publications particularly Amazon’s KDP, CreateSpace and Apple iBook etc.


Copyblogger is a content marketing platform. Brain Clark founded Copyblogger in 2006. He has been in the business of online marketing since 1998. He started Copyblogger after three successful ventures.

Copyblogger started with a one-man blog but transformed into a highly profitable company in a matter of years. Copy blogger provides its users the kind of audience-targeted content that helps them reach their business goals. 


OptinMonster is a lead generating platform. It helps generate very effective email signup forms on your website. It was Co-founded by Thomas Griffin and Syed Balki in 2013.

OptinMonster helps small businesses generate a huge increase in subscription and overall growth in sales. It provides rapid growth and innovation in any market condition according to current trends.

Skyhigh Networks

Skyhigh Networks protects data across all cloud services with the speed, scale, and user-centricity the cloud demands. Kaushik Narayan, Rajiv Gupta, and Sekhar Sarukkai founded Skyhigh in 2011.

Mcafee acquired Skyhigh in 2018. Skyhigh networks help secure your organization’s data on cloud services. It provides security for cloud platforms such as threat protection and data protection.


YoGrow is an e-commerce analytics platform. It helps business save time and money especially those who are too busy to use google analytics. YoGrow is very simple to use and require no technical knowledge to use.

YoGrow guides e-commerce businesses to understand their data and make better decisions. It helps them set growth goals and measure the performance of the business.


Hellobar is a custom notification service that converts visitors into customers. It is a full subscription based application running completely on WordPress. Crazyegg acquired Hellobar in 2012.

Hellobar is a call for action tool which directs visitors to your website. It designs your messages and provides features that ensure the correct timing of your messages to the visitors.


Weber is a premium manufacturer of charcoal, gas, electric grills and grill accessories. George Stephen founder designed his first grill in 1951.

Their online store is completely integrated with WooCommerce. 

It is a convenient place to find everything related to Bar B Que including tutorials and methods to cook on your grill.

Femme & Fierce

Femme and Fierce is an online clothing store launched in 2018 by Stephanie, founder of HOME IS… concept store. It is a curated collection of personally selected clothes from the world’s independent brands.

Femme and Fierce have a showroom where customers can come and try out items and get a personal styling service. The customers can also ask Stephanie anything on chat or even schedule a visit with her for a face to face style consultation.  


WordPress is an open source software which is free to use. Businesses are comfortable in using WordPress because it saves money and they can easily manage their website. Entrepreneurs choose WordPress especially due to its simple integration with an E-commerce store through WooCommerce.

Businesses are increasingly turning to WordPress due to its user-friendly interface. Entrepreneurs feel that it has the most convenient content management system in the market. With the help of plugins and themes specifically designed to help and grow businesses anyone can start their online venture on WordPress with complete confidence.

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