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Top 30 types of websites you can create with WordPress

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WordPress is considered the easiest and the most convenient CMS in the market. But this statement is misunderstood by many new users of the platform. To make it simple, a user can create multiple types of websites through the WordPress platform.

By using WordPress themes and plugins you can create any type of website within your space without wasting any time and resource. Here is a list of 30 types of websites that you can easily create with WordPress.

1. Blogs

The most convenient form of a website that you can make is a blog. On WordPress, you can create and manage your personal blog effortlessly.

2. E-commerce store

Businesses can create an E-commerce store with their WordPress Site. There are many plugins that an entrepreneur can use to create an E-commerce store. Examples include WooCommerce and WP Shopify.

3. Online community

You can create online communities on any topic or niche. You can use multiple themes to create an online community. Eonet is one of the responsive community and network theme that you can use. 

4. Event website

One of the most popular forms of a website that you can create with WordPress is an Event site. WP event manager is a simple, full-featured event plugin which you can use to set an event website with WordPress.

5. Restaurant website

Businesses can create a restaurant menu, booking section and activities bar with WordPress. They create easily convert their WordPress site into a Restaurant Website with the Restaurant Press plugin.

6. Social Networking Website

There are many popular social networking platforms in the market. You can create a social networking site by using BuddyPress. It is the most famous plugin used to create a small social networking website.

7. Auction Sites

You can start an auction website with WordPress. By using Auction Theme you can create an auction site with one click of a button.

8. LMS

Schools and colleges use a learning management system to administer, plan and execute a learning interface. There are many plugins that you can use to set up an LMS with WordPress. You can use Learnpress to set up an LMS with WordPress.

9. Job Board

You can even create a job board site with WordPress. With the help of a theme, your site will become a fulling functioning job board. WP Job Manager is an open source job board plugin for WordPress which can convert your site into a job board.

10. News Website

Many users find WordPress to be most suitable to create a News website as it doesn’t require much work. You can use Soledad a multifunctional news and magazine WordPress theme.

11. Business directory

You can create your site in a business directory with WordPress. By simply using Listify a premium theme a WordPress website can be made into a business directory.

12. Portfolio Websites

Every artist and content creators may need a portfolio to showcase their talent to the World. You can make a portfolio Website with WordPress. Perfect Portfolio is a good free portfolio theme that you can use to create a portfolio website.

13. Mobile Application Website

People love to use mobile applications, an entrepreneur can create a mobile application website with WordPress. Where you can provide information about your mobile app, as well as integrate purchasing model in it. Pixie huge is an Esports gaming theme for clans organizations.

14. Booking Website

You can create a booking website with WordPress, where you can manage a booking space. With WooCommerce booking a premium plugin you can create a booking website with easily.

15. Multilingual Website

Businesses can set up a multilingual website with WordPress. Polylang is a free and most simple multilingual plugin that an entrepreneur can use to transform their website into a multilingual site.

16. Photography Website

A photographer needs a website to showcase their work with their photos and need a responsive gallery. Through Envira Gallery you can create a responsive photography website.

17. Membership Website

One of the common sites you can build with WordPress is a membership website. Paid membership Pro is the best solution for you to create a membership website.

18. Review Website

A simple and efficient review website can be created with WordPress. By using Pro review theme you can create a review theme in minutes.

19. Real Estate Website

A business can create a real estate website with WordPress. There are many WordPress themes that you can use to create a real estate website one of them is Real homes a premium WordPress theme.

20. Podcasting Website

A business can create a real estate website with WordPress. There are many WordPress themes that you can use to create a real estate website one of them is Real homes a premium WordPress theme.

21. Travel Website

You can create a travel Website with WordPress where you can log all your travel blogs and pictures. Jevelin is a Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme which can be used to create a travel website.

22. Wedding Website

You can create a Wedding Website with WordPress where you can show elegant designs and ideas for a wedding. RSVP and Event Management plugin is a good resource which you can use to create a wedding website.

23. Fitness Website

Businesses can create a fitness website with WordPress. Where an entrepreneur can add all information, techniques, and instructions about fitness. Gym sports and fitness club is a very good mobile-friendly theme.

24. Medical Website

You can create a medical website through WordPress. Medicare is a medical and health theme built for an array of services with a number of health institutions in mind.

25. Advertisement website

A classified advertisement website can be set up through WordPress. AdSanity plugin is a simplified advertisement management plugin for WordPress, through which you can easily manage your Advertisement Website.

26. Beauty Salon Website

Beauty salon website can be created with WordPress where you create appointments, schedules and services for your customers. The salon booking system is a good plugin which you can use to manage appointments.

27. Religious website

A religious website can be created with Maranatha Church WordPress theme. Where your visitors can donate and help out in your good deed.

28. Coupon Website

You can create a Coupon based WordPress Website. By using Coupon hunt theme you can manage a coupon centric Website. It uses brilliant page builder and personalized widgets.

29. Amazon affiliate website

You can create an Amazon affiliate Website with WordPress. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is one of the best WordPress Plugin which you can use to create an Amazon Affiliate Website.

30. Static Website

You can create a static Website easily with WordPress. You can simply post pages and use Simple static plugin to create a static website.

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