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Your Guide to LearnDash Customization for Your Brand

Learndash Customization
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LearnDash customization that aligns with your unique brand identity is key to delivering an exceptional, owned learning experience. This comprehensive guide will walk you through techniques to transform Learndash’s aesthetics, functionality, and UX to match your specific needs.

custom template for learndash

We will explore appropriate theme customization methods based on your technical expertise, from using pre-made designs to custom code modifications. You’ll discover how to leverage add-ons to efficiently augment capabilities. And we’ll share best practices for crafting customized interfaces, layouts, and styles that resonate with your audience.

Follow our strategic roadmap to tailor a polished LearnDash platform that seamlessly showcases your brand essence. You’ll gain the knowledge to confidently modify default elements into owned, memorable digital learning environments. We can help you turn a standard LearnDash site into a customized online academy that matches your brand and students.

learndash visual customizer

The importance of boosting your brand with customized LearnDash design

Tailoring LearnDash to match your unique branding gives your courses an instant professional edge. By modifying the platform’s layout and design, you create a seamless experience that distinctly reflects your business.

Customization allows you to align Learndash’s look and feel with your brand style guide. This coherence makes your company identity and values shine through the second students log in. It also distinguishes you from competitors using generic LearnDash themes.

With your courses immersed in on-brand design, you can better attract learners who resonate with your brand values. Customization enables you to stand out in a crowded market while providing an immersive branded experience students will remember.

In short, customizing your LearnDash LMS to showcase your brand helps:

  • Project a polished, professional image
  • Differentiate your courses from the rest
  • Immerse students in an on-brand experience
  • Attract ideal learners to your programs
  • So don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all LearnDash site. With custom design, you can create a platform as unique as your brand.

Theme Customization

You have a couple of approaches to tailor the aesthetic:

  • Use a Custom Theme – Install a pre-made theme designed specifically for LearnDash. Choose one matching your brand style for a hassle-free option.
  • Edit Default Theme Code – Dive into customizing the CSS, HTML, and other code powering the default theme. Requires technical skills but allows intricate modifications.

Either method allows you to customize colors, fonts, layouts, design elements, and more. You can tweak the theme until your LearnDash platform feels like an immersive extension of your brand universe.

Don’t settle for the off-the-shelf default. With theme customization, you can make your LearnDash site as unique as your business.

Using Custom Theme

Finding a pre-built LearnDash theme is an easy shortcut to quick customization. Various online shops like ThemeForest or Creative Market offer themes engineered specifically for LearnDash.

These ready-made themes integrate seamlessly with Learndash’s backend while letting you tailor the frontend design. Many include built-in options to modify layouts, colors, fonts, and other stylistic elements for key LearnDash pages.

Using a custom theme is a beginner-friendly way to start matching Learndash’s look and feel to your brand guide. And if you require more advanced tweaks later, you can still edit the theme code.

In short, pre-made LearnDash themes hand you design flexibility on a silver platter. Pick one reflecting your style and transform your LearnDash courses with minimal effort.

Customize by Editing the Default Theme Code

Customize Learndash’s design by editing its CSS, HTML, and code to have complete control over its appearance.

While this approach takes more time and coding skills, you can meticulously craft every element to match your vision. Tweak fonts, colors, layouts, elements, and more through code modifications.

If the pre-made theme options don’t provide enough nuanced tweaks, going directly into the code is the answer. The sky’s the limit for branding your LearnDash platform through detailed programming adjustments.

Experts can customize LearnDash to match a brand’s website as if they built it specifically for it. Expect a steeper learning curve but total creative freedom.

Choose Themes Built for Page Builder Customization

If using a page builder to customize LearnDash, your theme choice matters. Although all proper WordPress themes technically support page builders, developers optimize some themes to maximize design flexibility.

For the most seamless page builder experience, consider these LearnDash-friendly themes engineered for customization:

  • Astra – Extremely lightweight and fast theme highly customizable through page builders.
  • GeneratePress – Boasts seamless page builder integration to create unique layouts.
  • OceanWP – Built-in hooks allow deep customization of various elements with a page builder.

These themes, specifically designed for LearnDash, give you more control over page design without any problems or restrictions. But you can use any reputable theme – there are no restrictions.

Do your research to select a theme specially equipped to handle extensive page builder customization on LearnDash. 

how to customize learndash course page

Customize Layout for an Immersive Brand Experience

Custom design allows you to create a tailored aesthetic that fully captures your brand essence and values.

By working directly with a designer, you can develop a look and user experience that sets you apart in your industry. Reflect your distinct style in every aspect – colors, fonts, layouts, imagery, animations, and more.

The benefits of custom design include:

  • Brand differentiation – Your platform won’t look like any other.
  • Visual appeal – Attract and engage learners with stunning aesthetics.
  • Cohesive experience – Immersive brand continuity across your platform.
  • Memorable learning – Create an experience learners won’t forget.

Custom design for your LMS, whether new or revamped, ensures your courses match your brand identity. The final product will feel like an extension of you.

You can customize the design in a few key ways:

Customize with a Page Builder’s Drag-and-Drop Ease

For visual customization power, connect LearnDash to a popular page builder plugin like Elementor, BeaverBuilder, or Divi.

Page builders help you create custom page designs for LearnDash lessons, courses, topics, etc., using an easy drag-and-drop system. Easily place style and tweak elements like headings, text, images, videos, shapes, and buttons on a canvas.

No coding or design expertise is needed! Page builder plugins allow anyone to create custom LearnDash pages that bring their brand vision to life for students.

With drag-and-drop simplicity, shape your LearnDash platform into an on-brand world tailored precisely to your offerings and audience. 

Leverage Shortcodes for Custom Layouts

LearnDash’s library of handy shortcodes allows you to insert different components like lesson lists or progress bars onto course pages.

By strategically positioning these elements through shortcodes, you can assemble completely customized page layouts. Place the pieces where you want them to guide students through a bespoke brand journey.

For example, you could display the course curriculum first, then the intro video below. Or highlight the next lesson atop the page before past materials. The possibilities are vast!

With creative use of shortcodes, customize your LearnDash pages beyond predefined templates. Craft a student experience that flows exactly how your brand intends in just a few tweaks.

Custom PHP code

Totally Customize with PHP Coding Skills

For experts, tapping into Learndash’s core PHP code allows practically endless customization possibilities. You can build 100% unique page templates and layouts that vastly expand on default options.

The coding skills required mean this approach is complex. But for developers, manipulating the PHP foundation lets you inject any additional functionalities needed to bring your wildest branding visions alive.

The lesson page skyscraper layout? The interactive brand mascot guide? An Easter egg secret level? With PHP codes, LearnDash becomes an open sandbox for branding innovation.

Just be sure you map out clear goals first since this level of customization demands planning.

Customize Forms and Buttons for Seamless Experiences

Crafting custom forms and buttons may require some development chops, but the payoff of a seamless user experience is immense. Unique interfaces guide learners smoothly through key actions.

Bespoke forms increase comprehension and completion by optimizing field layouts, inputs, and cues. Custom buttons attract clicks by blending visual flair with brand consistency across CTAs.

You need CSS, HTML, and JavaScript skills, but with the right guidance, anyone can improve form and button components.

In the end, the effort invested in customized interfaces returns manifold through simplified interactions. Learners intuitively navigate personalized forms and enthusiastically click on-brand eye-catching buttons.

customize learndash course grid

Top 5 Add-On Plugins for Enhanced Design Capabilities

Add-ons are like power-ups for leveling up your LearnDash abilities. These extra plugin extensions seamlessly integrate to provide new bells and whistles.

Add-ons come in all forms to serve different needs. Some offer enhanced course features like additional content modules, badges, or social learning. Others provide expanded analytics and reports for insights. And many deliver better management through automation and customization.

Installing add-ons is easy breezy – simply insert them as a WordPress plugin and activate them. The new functions integrate directly within your LearnDash dashboard for a smooth experience.

For quick customization wins without intensive development, add-ons are your fast track. Mix and match plugins to get the right blend of supplemental features your brand desires. Here are our top 5 picks:

  1. LearnDash Course Grid Add on

The LearnDash Course Grid add-on allows you to showcase LearnDash courses in sleek, customizable grid layouts beyond default options.

With Course Grid 2.0, creating eye-catching course galleries is easier than ever through Gutenberg blocks. Easily apply different skins, filters, and other styling to make your grid pop.

Mix and match the many display settings to create a course grid that aligns with your brand’s visual identity. Replace boring course list views with vibrant galleries that entice enrollment.

The possibilities are endless for crafting a customized course grid showcase that captures your brand style. Add some extra flair to your LearnDash site and transform course discovery from drab to fab!


The Course Grid add-on empowers you to craft a custom course catalog experience through its wide range of display settings:

  • Showcase courses in column layouts
  • Customize number, order, and sorting
  • Filter by course category or tag
  • Restrict to enrolled students
  • Include featured images, video previews
  • Add descriptions and CTAs
  • Show price ribbons
  • Display progress bars
  • Search and filter catalogs
  • Change skins and styles

With this robust feature set, you have total control over building an engaging course grid aligned to your brand’s style. Display course galleries that make learners eager to enroll!

The possibilities are vast for tailoring dynamic course catalogs that inspire action. Unlock premium presentation through the Course Grid add-on.


Option 1 – Add-Ons Menu

  • Go to LearnDash LMS > Add-ons in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Find the LearnDash Course Grid add-on.
  • Click “Install Now“.
  • Finally, click “Activate Plugin.
 customize learndash

This method requires an active LearnDash license. But with just those four quick steps, you’ll be ready to build stylish course grids!

Option 2 – Manual Installation

  • First, download the Course Grid plugin file after logging in.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click “Upload Plugin.”
  • Browse & select the .zip file you downloaded.
  • Click “Install Now” to upload the plugin.
  • Finally, click “Activate Plugin” to activate Course Grid.

And that’s all it takes! With just those few quick steps, you can install Course Grid without using the dashboard options.

The manual upload method works great if you have downloaded the .zip file already or want to install it on multiple sites. In minutes, you’ll be customizing your own course grids!

  1. LearnDash Focus Mode Pro

Want more control over Learndash’s distraction-free Focus Mode layout? The Focus Mode Pro add-on lets you customize visible elements.

Tailor Focus Mode for lessons, topics, and quizzes by hiding or showing elements like:

  • Navigation sidebar
  • Progress bar
  • Floating table of contents
  • Widgets
  • Page header
learndash customization


The Focus Mode Pro add-on allows you to:

  • Hide distracting header elements like logos and progress bars
  • Move the sidebar navigation left or right
  • Toggle instructor info and feedback buttons on/off
  • Display instructor names and titles or hide them
  • Enable light/dark color schemes
  • Activate fullscreen immersive reading

With this advanced control, Focus Mode becomes your ideal reading environment. Eliminate distractions for hyper-focus. Keep useful tools in view. Craft an interface optimized for concentration.

Take command of page layouts and features in Focus Mode. Curate an experience designed to eliminate clutter and heighten engagement. Give your learners clarity and comfort to power through course materials.

  1. LearnDash Visual Customizer

Want to make your LearnDash courses fully one-of-a-kind? The LearnDash Visual Customizer add-on lets you tailor their look and feel to your brand and audience.

Start with preset templates like “playful” or “modern,” then customize every color and font size. Tweaking the designs to resonate with your learners is easy.

For example, give courses a fun vibe for kids using the playful template. Or build executive polish by modifying the modern template for professionals.

The possibilities are endless for crafting customized designs that align with your industry, business, and learner demographics. Make your courses unmistakably you through complete visual control.

With Visual Customizer, learndash’s appearance is in your hands. Shape courses that feel bespoke for your brand by tailoring templates to match your vision.

visual customizer for learndash


The Visual Customizer equips you with the tools to customize Learndash’s look:

  • 5 professionally designed templates to start from
  • Over 20 color pickers to modify default or custom skins
  • Works with any WordPress theme for easy integration

Between the pre-made skins and expansive color options, you can tweak Learndash’s appearance to perfectly complement your brand style.

Match your corporate colors, industry aesthetic, or even your product packaging. The Visual Customizer allows that level of branding cohesion through its flexible and easy-to-use customization settings.

Give your LearnDash courses instant visual brand alignment with the powerful yet user-friendly Visual Customizer.

  1. Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash

Take LearnDash Design to the Next Level with Design Upgrade Pro.

Want even more ways to make LearnDash uniquely yours? Design Upgrade Pro provides over 100 additional styling options to level up your brand customization.

Compatible with most themes, the add-on lets you tailor colors, fonts, spacings, borders, and more with advanced controls. New features like gradient generator and bulk editor amplify possibilities.

Design Upgrade Pro helps you create a style that matches your brand, whether you prefer a simple, colorful, or luxurious look. Even customize the new BuddyBoss theme!

customize learndash course page


Design Upgrade Pro enables precise styling of all aspects of LearnDash through advanced controls like:

  • Content Lists: Colors, borders, sizing, row styles, indentation, etc.
  • Course Grid: Number of column and grid item styles, hover effects, ribbons, etc.
  • Progress Bar: Color, height, animation, text toggles, etc.
  • Achievements: Popup design, icon sizing, colors, etc.
  • Navigation: Indentation, separators, hover effects, etc.
  • Focus Mode: Content width, colors, toggle elements, avatar, etc.
  • Login/Registration: Overlay, modal, input, and text colors, etc.
  • User Profile: Hide sections, edit links, layout, avatar, etc.
  • Buttons: Radius, colors, hover effects, etc.
  • Tooltips: Colors, borders, radius, etc.
  • Course Pages: Statuses, labels, colors, etc.

With over 100 meticulous controls like these, Design Upgrade Pro provides advanced customization for all aspects of LearnDash. Craft professional polish and brand immersion with sophisticated styles.

  1. Design Upgrade for LearnDash

Design Upgrade for LearnDash completely redesigns every aspect of LearnDash, so it closely matches your existing WordPress theme’s style. There are no complicated settings or custom coding required – just activate and enjoy!

The add-on automatically detects whether you are using LearnDash 3.0 or legacy templates and applies appropriate styling upgrades. So you get a cohesive experience regardless of your LearnDash version.

In short, Design Upgrade for LearnDash transforms the platform’s aesthetics with your active theme for visual continuity across your site. Students immerse in an online learning environment that looks like an extension of your brand universe.

custom template for learndash


The latest version of Design Upgrade for LearnDash 2.6.6 includes numerous design improvements for a more cohesive and usable experience:

  • Enhanced registration, buttons, fonts, tooltips, profiles, course grid, and more.
  • Focused on larger click areas, subtle animations, and unified styles.
  • Major upgrades to Focus Mode like sidebar, comments, navigation bar, and mobile optimization.
  • Design tweaks for assignments, pagination, widgets, statistics modal, quiz elements, and RTL language support.
  • Better integration with add-ons like WisdmLabs Ratings and Group Registration.
  • Print styles improved for a cleaner printout appearance.

Design Upgrade enhances the look of LearnDash 2.6.6. This improvement is specifically for users who do not have access to the recommended active template in LearnDash 3.0.

The new release improves Learndash’s design for a better student experience that is professional, integrated, and user-friendly.

Installing and Using LearnDash Add-Ons in 4 Simple Steps

Enhancing your LearnDash LMS with add-ons is easy:

  1. Purchase and Download

Find and purchase the add-on you need, either from LearnDash directly or a third-party provider. Download the add-on file.

  1. Install the Add-On

In your WordPress dashboard; under Plugins, select “Add New,” then “Upload Plugin.” Upload the add-on file and activate it.

  1. Configure the Add-On.

Adjust the add-on’s settings to fit your specific needs. Most provide options through their own settings tab.

  1. Use the Add-On

Follow documentation to utilize the add-on’s new capabilities in your LearnDash courses. Each add-on will have unique ways to leverage its features.

A few tips:

  • Confirm the add-on is compatible with your LearnDash version first
  • Back up your site before installing as a precaution
  • Refer to LearnDash or the provider for usage instructions.

With those simple steps, add-ons help you expand LearnDash in no time!

Customize your LearnDash according to your Brand with TeknoFlair

A polished, branded LearnDash website is key to delivering exceptional online courses aligned with your business. But customizing the platform to showcase your unique identity takes skill. This is where the LearnDash design experts at TeknoFlair can help.

With over 10 years of experience tailoring LearnDash for clients worldwide, our talented team becomes an extension of your brand. We craft cohesive learning environments that reflect your essence through tailored aesthetics, intuitive interfaces, and seamless UX.

The result is an owned LearnDash platform that resonates with your audience as uniquely as you. From visually stunning themes to custom coding magic, TeknoFlair unlocks LearnDash’s potential to immerse learners in your brand universe.

Bring Your LearnDash Vision to Life with TeknoFlair

Want to make your LearnDash website a true extension of your brand? Let our design wizards work their magic. From stunning themes to advanced customization, we create online learning worlds that captivate audiences.

Book a free meeting with LearnDash experts now to turn LearnDash into a personalized, engaging platform that highlights your business’s strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the LearnDash Visual Customizer?

The LearnDash Visual Customizer add-on lets you easily customize the appearance of your LearnDash courses to match your brand.

Easily choose templates and customize them with colors, fonts, and other options using the built-in controls. The Visual Customizer for LearnDash helps you create courses that reflect your desired style, whether it’s playful, modern, or professional.

After installing the add-on, you’ll find new branding options under LearnDash LMS > Settings. Tweak the designs endlessly until your courses resonate with your ideal learners.

How to customize LearnDash course grid page

Customizing the LearnDash course page is key to creating an engaging experience for learners. There are a few easy ways to tailor these pages to your needs:

  • Add titles, descriptions, and images in the page course content area to welcome prospective students. LearnDash automatically displays the course curriculum too.
  • Use the Display & Content settings to configure what modules appear for enrolled students, like materials, certificates, content layout, etc.
  • The Custom Template plugin lets you fully customize the course page layouts using page builders – perfect for polished landing pages.
  • Speaking of page builders, you can integrate them directly into the course description for robust customization capabilities.
  • And don’t forget shortcuts like widgets and learndash course grid shortcodes to spice up course pages with extra elements.

How to create custom templates in LearnDash

Customizing LearnDash course pages is easy with the right plugins:

  • The Custom Template plugin lets you build custom landing pages for each course using page builders – perfect for robust promotions. Just install, create templates, and assign them to courses.
  • Course Grid 2.0 allows you to customize the appearance of your learndash course grid, such as skins, cards, and filters. LearnDash’s documentation provides instructions on how to personalize your course catalog.
  • WidgetKit adds a templating engine to craft completely bespoke course page layouts and elements. After installing, design new templates and assign them to specific courses.

How to duplicate a custom template in LearnDash

Duplicating a custom template in LearnDash is super easy:

  • Head to Learndash LMS > Templates in your WordPress dashboard.
  • You’ll see a list of all your created templates here.
  • Find the one you want to duplicate.
  • Simply click the “Duplicate” button next to it.

Key Takeaways for Customizing your LearnDash Platform

  • Tailor your LearnDash theme with either pre-made designs or custom code for true brand alignment. Match aesthetics to your style guide.
  • Leverage page builders and shortcodes to easily customize layouts and UX beyond default LearnDash templates. Guide students through bespoke journeys.
  • Add-ons quickly augment capabilities like social learning, gamification, analytics, etc. Expand functionality without complex development.
  • For advanced personalization, manipulate Learndash’s core PHP code to inject new features, custom templates for LearnDash, interfaces, and more.
  • Custom forms and buttons increase comprehensibility and conversions by optimizing interfaces for key actions.
  • Meticulous customization of all elements is possible for polished, professional, on-brand experiences that resonate.
  • Partnering with expert LearnDash designers like TeknoFlair saves time and brings your vision to life seamlessly.

The key is to approach LearnDash customization strategically based on your brand style, technical skills, and audience needs. When executed successfully, an owned, immersive platform awaits.

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