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7 Ways to Improve Your Online Course Website with LearnDash

LearnDash Dashboard
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Want to take your LearnDash courses to the next level? This guide shows how to improve learning with games, accessibility, resources, and personal support using LearnDash dashboard. We will discuss each of these aspects separately.

learndash user dashboard

Follow along as we break down specific techniques to boost engagement, accountability, inclusiveness, and overall student satisfaction. You’ll discover low-effort ways to incorporate these value-adds into existing courses, along with ideas for new offerings.

Let’s uncover how small tweaks and additions can pay big dividends by enriching the learning experience!

1. Add in Gamification Elements

Incorporate gamification elements like streaks and leaderboards to motivate ongoing engagement. Many learners struggle with accountability over time – gamification within the LearnDash user dashboard gives them a reason to check in regularly.

Features like daily streaks encourage learners to log progress consistently to maintain their records. Friendly leaderboards inject some healthy competition among peers.

When learners feel their momentum slowing as coursework drags on, gamification re-sparks their drive. The competitive motivation and accountability boost keeps them actively engaged.

Gamification provides real-time feedback on progress through points, levels, achievements and more. The sense of accomplishment and community keeps learners immersed.

Posing weekly challenges is a great way to continually engage your learners and motivate progress. A weekly cadence hits the sweet spot between being too frequent (daily) and too spaced out (monthly).

Come up with fun weekly challenges that align with your course material and audience skill level. For example, have learners apply concepts through creative prompts, solve related puzzles, or achieve certain milestones.

Gamifying the experience with regular weekly challenges provides a sense of momentum. Learners have an achievable goal to work towards each week that stretches their abilities but isn’t overwhelming.

The ongoing motivation and feeling of progress from weekly challenges can boost retention and completion rates. Find creative ways to issue calls to action that get learners actively using what they’ve learned. A little friendly competition never hurts, either!

Add game-inspired features to help learners stay on track, celebrate milestones, and connect with peers. Gamification channels their natural competitiveness into motivation to persist.

2. 1-1 Video Calls

Individual feedback and mentoring can be very helpful for learners. If you provide personal coaching, consider being available for one-on-one video calls at specific times.

Setting specific times for learners to talk with you one-on-one provides personalized guidance for their individual needs. It’s a great way to provide high-touch support.

These individual sessions allow learners to ask questions, get feedback, and gain insights tailored to their particular situation. Personal attention can really accelerate progress.

For coaches and mentors, 1-on-1 video calls are an impactful way to share your expertise. Though not highly scalable, the revenue potential and engagement benefits may outweigh the limited scale.

Allowing learners to connect with you live virtually at specific times provides personalized support and boosts outcomes.

3. Keep Learners Engaged Through Ongoing Content

Maintaining a regular blog and sending email updates are excellent ways to continually engage enrolled learners. Your ongoing content keeps material current and demonstrates continued subject matter expertise.

A blog open to the public serves your overall content marketing strategy. But it also provides enrolled learners with new insider ideas and insights to apply to their progress.

Couple blog posts with email newsletters recapping highlights for learners directly in their inboxes. Use the content to inspire them with fresh perspectives.

Ongoing quality content gives learners a reason to stick with your course over time. Staying top of mind through blogs and emails nurtures their progress and reminds them of your value.

Keep learners engaged for the long term by using regular content updates to provide added value after enrollment. Show you’re growing alongside them.

4. Facilitate Meaningful Peer Connections

Online learners crave connection, not only with you as the instructor but also with their fellow peers. Connecting with others and learning the same skills can be an incredibly rewarding part of the experience.

However, without facilitation, forging these social bonds can feel awkward and may not happen organically. As the leader, you can nurture the community by organizing small groups for collaborative projects.

Thoughtful group work provides a structured way for learners to cooperate, communicate, and relate to one another. Social connections blossom when learners unite around shared goals. The learndash teacher dashboard can also provide this option.

By taking the initiative to build group activities, you help classmates forge meaningful relationships. The camaraderie enriches the learning journey and creates a supportive community.

Make social engagement a priority by intentionally designing opportunities for small groups to interact. The connections formed will deepen the learning experience.

learndash dashboard

5. Foster Inclusive Learning Through Accessibility

Make your course accessible to all learners by:

  • Offering content in multiple formats like video, audio, and text
  • Providing transcripts for video and audio elements
  • Ensuring your website is screen reader compatible

Taking these extra steps expands your audience reach to learners of all abilities & learning styles. The versatility makes absorbing and retaining information easier for everyone.

Greater accessibility means more inclusive education – something valuable in its own right. You give more students a chance to learn and grow through your course progress.

By designing with accessibility in mind, you demonstrate a commitment to empowering all learners. Your course lesson provides enrichment opportunities to a wider audience. That creates immense value for both students and educators.

6. Limited-time courses

Consider creating special limited-run micro courses around interesting or timely topics. These short courses are only available for a designated window, which builds excitement and urgency to sign up.

Many learners will delay enrolling in a course if it’s always available. Opening registration for a short course on a popular topic for a limited time encourages people to sign up quickly.

Once the limited registration period ends, we close the micro-course and it becomes no longer accessible. This scarcity effect makes the exclusive learning opportunity more desirable.

Releasing micro-courses on evergreen fundamentals or current events creates fresh, engaging content for your audience. The temporary availability encourages sign-ups from both existing and new students in the student dashboard for learndash.

Limited-run micro courses help drive enrollments, engage your audience, and showcase your subject-matter expertise. Use them to stay topical and attract learners.

7. Offer Downloadable Resources

Developing downloadable resources like PDFs and infographics gives learners valuable tools to reference and share. People appreciate having takeaways they can keep and use beyond the course dashboard for Learndash.

Consider releasing fresh downloadable content monthly that aligns with your material. This could be cheat sheets, worksheets, templates, or guides learners can print out and use.

Having something tangible they can internalize through their own use and application deepens the learning. Infographics also provide visual summaries that are great for sharing with colleagues.

Ongoing downloadable resources demonstrate your commitment to maximizing learner success. They’ll appreciate you equipping them with useful tools to support their progress and retention.

While courses themselves are the core offering, supplementing with regular downloadable assets provides helpful takeaways that boost satisfaction and advocacy.

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learndash teacher dashboard

Key Takeaways

  • Gamify with challenges, leaderboards, and achievements to motivate progress through dashboard page
  • Offer 1-on-1 video calls for personalized guidance and feedback with learndash instructor
  • Share downloadable resources like PDFs and infographics for retention of lesson topics
  • Maintain a blog and send email updates with new insights on user profiles in learndash lms
  • Organize small group leaders and facilitate social connections with instructor role and user role
  • Ensure accessibility through versatile table of content formats
  • Create courses like limited-run micro-courses around trending topics

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