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What is LearnDash Cloud and how is it best for your E-Learning Platform?

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With the epic rise of technological advancement, came the ever evolving need to access everything with ease. Whether you want to shop or learn something new, there is an easy way to do it without any hassle. When talking about learning in specific, this gave rise to E-learning platforms. These platforms allowed for an instructor to appropriately create content, manage their students, and provided an overall interactive and engaging source to deliver educational content. These were and still are applicable in schools, colleges, universities and for online courses.

With so many E-learning platforms to currently name, there was still a lack of features that were provided with these platforms. There was still a need for a platform to be efficient, scalable and user-friendly that would allow the instructor to focus on the content rather than the unnecessary jargon involving site hosting, maintenance, third party integration and the list goes on.

That is where the LearnDash Cloud comes in!

What is LearnDash Cloud?

LearnDash Cloud is an e-learning platform provided by LearnDash. It comes with all the core features LearnDash has to offer with inclusion of free cloud based hosting. It enables a user to create, manage, deliver and analyze online courses efficiently. 

LearnDash Cloud vs Plugin: Which is Right for you?

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LearnDash cloud is helpful when you’re preparing to build a new E-learning website, whereas with the LearnDash plugin you can utilize your already created and hosted WordPress website. LearnDash cloud will provide hosting, analytics and security tools with a single monthly or annually subscription price. On the other hand with the LearnDash plugin you will have to separately purchase these features as they are available as Add-ons.

Difference between LearnDash Cloud and Traditional E-Learning Platforms

LearnDash differs from other traditional e-learning platforms in a number of ways;

  1. Hosting
    1. LearnDash Cloud: LearnDash cloud provides cloud-based hosting managed by LearnDash.
    2. Other E-Learning Platforms: Other e-learning platforms are either self-hosted or hosted on a third party server.
  2. Customization
    1. LearnDash Cloud: When it comes to customization, LearnDash cloud being hosted on WordPress offers a great extent of customization options.
    2. Other E-Learning Platforms: Other E-Learning platforms may offer customization with the need to write custom code.
  3. Scalability
    1. LearnDash Cloud: LearnDash cloud offers a great way to flawlessly scale when necessary with their budget friendly subscription model. 
    2. Other E-Learning Platforms: When it comes to scalability, the user may require some additional setup based on the growing user base.
  4. Security
    1. LearnDash Cloud: Robust security measures are not only implemented but also managed by LearnDash.
    2. Other E-Learning Platforms: Security measures may depend on user configuration and involve using some additional plugins.
  5. Support
    1. LearnDash Cloud: There is dedicated support from the LearnDash team to resolve any issues or handle any queries.
    2. Other E-Learning Platforms: You might have to search the internet for discussion forums, read documentations, or, get premium support plans.
  6. Maintenance and Updates
    1. LearnDash Cloud: Completely managed by the LearnDash that includes platform updates and maintenance.
    2. Other E-Learning Platforms: The user is required to manage updates and maintenance that might require sound technical knowledge of the used platform.

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Advantages of LearnDash Cloud

  1. Built on WordPress:

LearnDash Cloud is hosted on the worlds’ most powerful and popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Due to which it allows for the user to use WordPress’ other features as well.

  1. Pre-Installed Plugins:

LearnDash cloud comes with some of the tools from LearnDash. These include Pro Panel, an analytical tool for the creators to analyze and track their student’s progress in a given course. Other tools include Object Cache Pro that allows the site to load faster and overall enhance the site performance for the viewers. It also includes Solid Security that allows the site to be secured with features like custom login security requirements and two-factor authentication and passkeys. 

It is worth mentioning that Panel Pro costs $49/year, Object Cache Pro costs $950/year and Solid Security costs $99/ year for a single website.

  1. Customization:

LearnDash Cloud offers great customization with a great number of themes to choose from, an instructor can basically personalize the LearnDash experience for their students to have an interactive and a personalized learning experience. The available themes can also be customized by adding your own code, thanks to LearnDash cloud being hosted on WordPress.

  1. Integration Capabilities:

Although LearnDash cloud comes with Pro Panel and other tools already integrated, it can still be integrated with your favorite plugins and tools to improve your site experience.

  1. Security and Data Protection:

LearnDash cloud offers good security measures for the site users. As discussed previously, these security features are provided by the Solid Security tool offered pre-installed. 

  1. Cost Effectiveness

LearnDash cloud pricing goes easy on the pocket. LearnDash cloud has a subscription model that allows for the site owner to comfortably scale their sites with a growing audience. LearnDash offers following plans for their LearnDash cloud:

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Get Started with LearnDash Cloud

At the end let me take you through the process of how to get started with LearnDash cloud. From setting up your account to creating courses and managing users, let’s explore each step with detail.

  1. Setting Up Account:

Visit the LearnDash cloud section on the LearnDash website and choose the appropriate plan best for your online courses needs and aligning well with your budget. You now have to sign up for an account by providing your payment details and necessary information.

After your account is set up, you’ll receive login credentials to access your LearnDash cloud dashboard. You can now login into your LearnDash cloud dashboard with the provided credentials and get familiarized with the navigation and dashboard menus. You might also want to explore some customization options to personalize your e-learning platform just the way you like it to be.

  1. Designing/Creating Course Content:

Click the “Courses” tab in your dashboard to begin creating your first course. You will have to use the course builder tool to add lessons, topics, quizzes, assignments, and other learning materials in your course. You can also customize the appearance of your course by configuring layout options and selecting a theme. If you want to make the learning experience better for the students, you can also add multimedia content including videos, images, presentations and other documents.

  1. Managing Users

You can manage user accounts using the “User” section in your LearnDash cloud dashboard. You can add new users by inviting them through emails or manually creating user accounts for them. You can organize users into different categories and groups based on different criteria including their roles or courses they are enrolled in. With LearnDash cloud you can also monitor user progress and track their activities with the power of Pro Panel. By utilizing the analytics you can gain useful insights like course enrollments, course completion rates, quiz scores and user engagement. You can leverage these analytics to better optimize your course content, improve learner experience and make better data-driven decisions.

People Also Ask

  1. What’s the difference between LearnDash cloud and LearnDash plugin?

The LearnDash cloud is a cloud hosted WordPress website that offers pre-installed tools and plugins used by instructors for their online course. On the other hand LearnDash is a plugin that can be manually added to your WordPress site and have to additionally add in your own hosting.

  1. Can I customize the appearance of my courses on LearnDash Cloud?

LearnDash cloud allows you to select a theme and configure it according to your liking. You can also add multimedia content to your courses to make it more engaging and interactive.

  1. How can I monitor user engagement and performance on LearnDash Cloud?

LearnDash cloud provides a built-in pre-installed analytics tool to monitor and track the users’ progress. Along with that it allows for the instructor to track metrics like course enrollments and completion rates to make better decisions in optimizing the course.


In conclusion, the LearnDash cloud is a cloud-hosted WordPress website used as an e-learning platform by instructors to create online courses and manage users who enroll in their courses. Out of the box it provides free hosting that other e-learning platforms don’t offer, giving it an instant edge. Other features of LearnDash include customization, analytical tools, pre-installed plugins, security, and highly scalable.

LearnDash cloud is great for someone looking to offer online courses who doesn’t have a website to begin with and wants great user engagement with a want to provide great personalized experience to the learners.

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