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The Dos And Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing in 2019

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Social media is a place where many WordPress businesses market their product and services. More than 3 billion people use social media platforms. These platforms are a means to stay connected with each other.

People on social media interact with one another using various means such as by uploading their images, posting their stories, tweeting, live streaming, messaging etc. Through this process of communication with the world comes the aspect of social media marketing.

Organizations need to promote their product and services to the world and the best and easiest solution is social media marketing. A process by which a business uses these platforms to advertise their products and services.

Every Business, be it a large corporation or a startup requires a dedicated social media marketing team that follows a standard, user-friendly marketing plan. The team should analyze and examine all the social media trends and insights which benefit their business.

The Dos of Social Media Marketing

Every individual wants to be connected with their family, friends, favorite celebrity, product, and service through social media. But the real question for an entrepreneur is what can they do to engage their customers.

1. Social Media Influencers

Influencers have become a crucial driving force for social media marketing because many enterprises target their audiences through such people. Influencers can promote WordPress products and services in their blogs, videos, tweets, and also use other mediums as well.


Social media Stories are 24-hour perishable posts which are used to promote many businesses and services. Brands use many famous personalities to promote their businesses through stories. Thousands of people follow these personalities and view their stories on daily bases via Snapchat and Instagram.

Audio and Video Marketing

Youtubers are forging a big change in their community by creating content such as DIY videos, daily vlogging and podcasts with millions of views on their channels. So many entrepreneurs market their products and services through these Influencers.

Live streamers

Live streamers are slowing taking over social media by their daily live streams. People love to watch these creators because they create a sense of live interaction between them. These live streamers are also a big resource for businesses as there are thousands of dedicated followers who watch them regularly.

2. Discounts and Offers

Developing Facebook posts and tweets in the form of jingles or with creatively designed images that offer discounts and deals create more engagement with the customers. People love to share GIFS and images which look more attractive and sound pleasant.


Holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, St Patrick’s day etc are times when a business creates and shares promotional posts on social media to stay relevant. These days are the best time to engage with your audience and create a loyal community.

Special offers

Black Friday is easily the most anticipated sale of the year. You can avail such occasions and create special offers for your loyal community. Through these special offers, you can make a good connection with your community and also attract other audience as well.

3. Analytics

An entrepreneur should always focus on the analytics of their social media platforms. They need to keep a check on which social platform is making more noise and generating traffic. They should also analyze their weak content which is not interactive and make changes going along.

Activities such as focusing on daily, weekly, and monthly reports to determine the results of social media marketing campaigns are crucial for success. Through constant reviewing of your stats you will be able to keep up with your marketing plan or decide if it is time to completely change it.

Real-time Views

Analyzing real-time views on all videos and posts will help you understand more about your reach with your community. Keeping these analyses in your mind, you will be able to determine your next post within the next 24 hours.

Traffic Sources

On platforms like YouTube the audience is generated from many sources such as YouTube searches, suggested videos or external shared links. So focus on the traffic sources to understand your strong points and find out which sources are generating the largest audience. Share and engage your content with other sources which will help bring traffic to your platforms.

4. Customer Support system

People like to share their experiences relating to the product or service they’ve used by reviewing it. And if the product or service was bad or unsatisfactory they won’t spare a second to show their disapproval. A user-friendly support system should be there beforehand to predict and resolve such issues.


 To build a strong bond between the entrepreneurs and the customers, businesses should focus on customer feedback. They need to concentrate on what their customers are saying and understand their concerns. Businesses should make their customers feel more comfortable and assure them that their feedback is always welcome.

Solving issues of customers

Reading comments and resolving issues of the customers will create a sense of connectivity and authenticity among the user and the brand. Actively replying to comments on platforms such as their official YouTube videos, Facebook pages, and passionately responding to tweets are excellent trust-building gestures.

5. Timing

Time is a valuable asset for social media marketing because strategies should focus on timely posts. Create a schedule for posting content and make sure your followers know when the next post is coming. Scheduled posts are more preferred by users than unpredictable posts.   

Monitor your time

Being able to save time and make strategic planning and improving your marketing skills can improve your growth. Social media platforms can be very helpful if entrepreneurs manage and monitor their time while posting and sharing content.

Constant and loyal to customers

Entrepreneurs should manage their content and market it in a timely and constant manner. Through consistency, businesses create a loyal following on social media.

The Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Entrepreneurs while focusing on their products and services make simple mistakes in their social media marketing campaigns. These errors can sometimes create great losses for their businesses. Here are some absolute don’ts for their social media marketing.

1. Bombarding Ads

While Facebook promotional ads can be beneficial for your business, bombarding them on the faces of your users can be very harmful to your business. Plan your adds on all social media platforms in a well-executed manner to achieve more results. Excessive in-your-face advertising will certainly backfire in the end.


A user gets confused through the over influx of ads by a business. This causes them to lose interest in the product or service. And they may also decide to avoid that product altogether.

Loss of Faith in Business

Irresponsible ad campaigns may cause people to lose faith in the product or service resulting in the entrepreneurs’ credibility to be questioned on forums and discussion boards. Businesses incur huge losses due to these ill conceived marketing ideas.

2. Quality Content

Quality of content is preferred over quantity. Some entrepreneurs remain unsuccessful because they don’t share valuable content on their social media platforms. Quality Content increases engagement with customers.

Value of Content

Content must have value to the audience. It should be informative with respect to the product or service which you are marketing. Valuable content holds great worth in front of viewers because they prefer content that is informative as well as useful.

Loyal audience

If your social media marketing campaigns are not providing quality content you won’t be able to create a dedicated audience. A loyal community is very important for social engagement because they like and share your products and services which inevitably helps to promote your brand.

3. Communication with a face

Social Media is about personal connection, being rigid or corporate doesn’t always work. Some corporations are old fashioned and take a faceless approach. Social Media platforms are a place to connect each other in a user-friendly and approachable manner.

Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress tweets and connects with the people all the time. The face holds great value in the world of social media because average people want to have a connection with the business.

Builds relationship

It will develop a relationship between the audience and the business. It will create more engagement and chances of networking will increase. Communication by a face will show leadership qualities which will create a sense of sincerity for the customers on your social media platforms.

Trust and Credibility

Communicating on a personal level can help develop trust and credibility among the community. People will understand and believe that whatever the business is offering can be beneficial for them.

4. Diversifying

Social media doesn’t have any calculated rules. A business should always be able to take risks and experiment. An entrepreneur must have a social media marketing plan but until and unless you don’t understand the trends and happenings of the world you will never be able to grow.

A user’s preferences change as time passes. A business can keep track of such changes through social media platforms. Diversify and expand by changing your perspective, looking forward, giving the audience what they desire.

Live Streaming

Conducting live streams where you can have a question and answer session so your followers can address their concerns directly.

Conferences and Seminars

Organizing online conferences and webinars to interact with your audience because they need a more personal touch. These events create a name for the business in the social ecosystem which proves to be very beneficial in terms of expanding your brand.

5. Social media policies

A business should always keep social media policies in their minds. Many EU countries are not allowed to watch certain American content on YouTube because of licensing issues and cause copyright strikes on their content. Some posts can cause an uproar in a country. What we might find funny can seriously offend others.

Content recognition

Content that you share has to be scanned through content recognizing technology, which helps all creators to share original content. Any video, audio, text, photos, etc are assessed through such technology which safeguards content.


Any video, audio, text, photos, etc shared on social media platform should be owned by the company. Sharing content that doesn’t belong to you can cause a copy strike and can damage your credibility.


Your social media marketing plan should target the social trends and happenings of the world. Understanding what is ethical and creating a space of respect and professionalism in the ecosystem of social media can be the key to your success.

Some hashtags which were trendy a year back are now unpopular. Video ideas which generated millions of views are now being saturated. Keep an eye on top stories and events because they can become a new social media trend anytime. And understanding how to leverage these trends can help you grow your business.

Entrepreneurs should understand that through social media a small startup can grow into a large business in a matter of months if not days. If they keep to it and remain strong and provide quality content to the general audience, they will be able to naturally generate a good conversion rate for their products and services.

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