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LearnDash Waitlist

LearnDash Waitlist allows you to add students on a waiting list and join a course on a particular date in future.

  • Support to enroll user in a specific course in future date
  • Support to enroll user in a specific group in a future date
  • Shortcode for showing user his upcoming courses
  • Support for WooCommerce Course Access Purchase at a future date
  • Support for WooCommerce Group Access Purchase at a future date
  • Allow Admin to manually add user to a waiting list for a course or group access


  • Install the LearnDash plugin & activate it.
  • Install the WooCommerce plugin & activate it.
  • Install the LearnDash Waitlist add-on and activate it.
  • After activating the add-on you will see the “Schedule” in sub-menu. 
  • First Activate LD Waitlist Schedule addon via license Key

Configure LearnDash Waitlist:

Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Courses option and create new course. After create new course so create new Lesson/topic and create new Quiz and attached all of this in new course.

Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Groups option and create new group and attached some courses for this group.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Products option and create new products and attached Courses aur Groups.

After User Purchased Course aur Group so User have display Course schedule date.

Course Purchase
Group Purchase

Manual Course/Group Access for Specific Users:

Navigate to LearnDash > Schedule option and create new access for specific user to add Course aur Group.

So User have show Schedule Date now.

Upcoming Courses & Groups Shortcode:

Navigate to LearnDash > Schedule > Shortcode option and copy shortcode and paste for any page aur post. Two types of Upcoming courses & Groups show now Grid and List View

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