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LearnDash Advanced Toolkit Changelog

Version 1.3.2 (2024-05-13)
1. Fixed! Learndash custom notifications UI
2. Fixed! License screen UI
3. Fixed! [lat_group_leader_groups_reset] JSON error on post/page update
Version 1.3.1 (2024-05-10)
1. Fixed! Gaps between select boxes and other fields on the frontend shortcode for improved form aesthetics.
2. Fixed! Shortcode visibility tweaks, ensuring visibility to admins under any condition and to group leaders (irrespective of enrollment status) if assigned as group leaders..
3. Fixed! UI tweak for handling long user names more gracefully in the interface..
4. Enhanced! User should be able to see old notifications.
Version 1.3 (2024-02-12)
1. Added! module to add links to “Go To Course Page” and “My Courses” on woocommerce thank you page & order emails to customers.
2. Added! module to add a tab in woocommerce with LD profile shortcode setup.
3. Added! module to disable comments for non enrolled users in learndash course, lesson & topic pages
4. Added! module to show bbPress forum link on course, lesson & topic pages
5. Added! module to redirect users to specific url on course, lesson, topic & quiz completion
6. Added! module to send customized notification to learndash users
7. Added! module to add confetti effects on completion of course, lesson & topic.
8. Added! module to show availability of the associated content in course in calendar view.
9. Added! module to export course and lesson names.
10. Added! module to send automatic certificate expiration email to users.
11. Added! module to show logs of course completion.
12. Added! option to download logs in csv format.
Version 1.2.2 (2023-09-14)
1. Enhanced! Separated group access logs and reset logs
2. Fixed! Disable reset logs when Group Schedule Reset module is not active
3. Fixed! Pagination issue on logs page
4. Fixed some minor issues
Version 1.2.1 (2023-09-04)
1. Fixed! [lat_group_leader_groups_reset] shortcode front end issues
2. Changed! Labels from "Custom Emails" to "Outstanding Courses Email"
3. Fixed some minor fixes
Version 1.2 (2023-08-30)
Fix: some bugs for LearnDash Advance Toolkit.
Version 1.1 (2023-08-28)
Add some new functionalities, Scheduled Course Progress reset, Outstanding Course Notice to students, Scheduled Reports to Group Leaders for Course Progress, User Enrollment Logs
Version 1.0 (2023-04-21)
Create new LearnDash Advance Toolkit plugin with Lessons/Topic search filter in courses.
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