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FEA is an online school that offers courses and training programs to students in Singapore. As part of their digital transformation, they sought a custom-built website that would be easy to navigate, manage, and scale as the school grew. They approached our team to provide the full site build from scratch, starting with technology selection and keeping in mind future extensibility.


The main challenge was to create a website that was user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging for the students while also providing a seamless experience for the teachers. FEA wanted a custom dashboard that would allow students to access their courses, manage their sessions, and interact with each other. They also wanted a leaderboard that would display real-time statistics for the students and a booking system that would allow them to schedule 1-1 sessions with their teachers.


Our team started by selecting the appropriate technology for the project, keeping in mind the scalability and flexibility required by FEA. After careful evaluation, we recommended LearnDash and BuddyBoss as the main technologies to build the website. We then proceeded to develop a custom dashboard based on the provided Figma design, making sure it was fully functional on the LearnDash/BuddyBoss website. The dashboard was designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing students to browse the website, manage their courses, schedule 1-1 sessions with their teachers, and interact with each other through the social timeline.

Next, we developed a custom leaderboard that displayed real-time statistics for the students, including the top-scoring students and the user’s own rank, among others. The leaderboard was designed to be visually engaging, incorporating graphics and charts to provide an intuitive overview of the student’s progress. We also made sure it was fully functional on the LearnDash website.
Finally, we developed a comprehensive booking system for private 1-1 sessions with teachers, built on LearnDash and Zoom API integration. The booking system allowed students to book a teacher’s time and manage their credits, with teachers’ available slots managed through a Slot Manager at the backend.
Teachers could accept or decline a request, create a Zoom meeting directly from the website for the accepted sessions, and manage their schedules. Students could top up their credits to have more sessions, receive alerts on session credit expiry/low count, and provide feedback on their sessions. The Session feedback report could be exported by the admin, providing an easy way to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching and improve the quality of the program.


The final result was a fully functional, visually engaging, and user-friendly website for FEA. The custom dashboard, leaderboard, and booking system exceeded the client’s expectations and provided a seamless experience for both students and teachers. Our team ensured that the website was built with future extensibility in mind, providing room for further improvements and upgrades. We delivered the project on time and within budget and provided ongoing support to ensure that FEA’s digital transformation was a success.


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