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English Ever After is an online platform that offers a variety of English courses and lessons for non-native speakers. They approached us to migrate their content from their existing WordPress LMS to LearnDash and to develop custom features and components that were available in their previous LMS. The aim was to ensure a seamless transition and enhance the learning experience for their students.


The primary challenge was to migrate all the existing content from the previous WordPress LMS to LearnDash while ensuring that all the textual and video content worked seamlessly with the new website. The client also required custom features and components that were available in their previous LMS to be developed for LearnDash.


Migration to LearnDash
Our team successfully migrated the entire content, including courses, lessons, and quizzes, from the previous LMS to LearnDash. We also integrated Wishlist Memberships with LearnDash, which allowed the client to manage memberships more efficiently. Our migration process involved thorough testing to ensure that all the textual and video content worked seamlessly with the new website.

Development of Custom Components
We developed custom components for a Checklists type course learning experience. This was developed as a plugin for LearnDash, and the idea was inspired by the client’s previous LMS. The Checklists feature allows students to keep track of their progress and stay organized throughout the course.

Development of Custom Features
We developed a number of custom features for the LearnDash/BuddyBoss website. The Wishlist My Memberships Grid for Active/Expired Memberships feature allows students to see their current and expired memberships in a grid format. Notifications for students, when someone comments in the forums, course, or blog posts they are part of, help students stay engaged and up-to-date with the latest discussions. The advanced filtering of notifications helps students avoid unnecessary noise. Inline Image editing in forums feature allows students to easily edit and add images to their forum posts. Finally, notifications when someone likes, mentions, or replies to a user on their course/lessons, forums, or blog posts, help students stay connected and engaged with their peers.


The migration from the previous WordPress LMS to LearnDash was successful, and we were able to develop custom components and features that enhanced the learning experience for the students. The Checklists feature, along with the custom features such as the Wishlist Memberships Grid and Notifications, help students stay organized, engaged, and up-to-date with their courses. The client was satisfied with the final product, and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.

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