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We have a team of experts on board who will help you set up all the badges and make sure the reward system works like a charm. Whether you have your own gamification strategy or you want to replicate gamification of a popular website, we’ll be able to custom develop it for you.
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BadgeOS Integrations for Website

We offer BadgeOS setup to your website and help you set up your website based on your requirements. We are equipped to handle everything from a small change to a complete overhaul.

Engaging User Experience

Teknoflair can help you set up a points/badges/rank based system to award your users and provide them with an engaging experience.

Built-in Credly Support

We know everyone loves showing off. You can design and award unique badges to your site visitors on completing significant events and keep them engaged for more.


Not sure about which service is the best for you? Why don’t you leave us a message? Our team of friendly teknoflair would love to help you out through any of your processes.

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