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LearnDash Leaderboard Changelog

Version (2024-06-11)
Fixes UI Issues of date range text box size bigger in quiz export interface
Version (2024-05-24)
Improved! Quiz statistics tab serial changed to quiz title
Fixed! Average score showing NAN
Version (2024-05-23)
Fixed! Charts data filtration according to selected date range
Fixed! Highlighted wrong answer on bar chart
Added! Fallback queries for fetching quiz statistics data
Fixed! Bugs related old quiz statistics
Added! Configuration for only exporting non-deleted statistics
Version 1.1.5
Added! support for group leaders to view & export quiz results
Added! question detailed statistics charts
Version 1.1.2
Fixed! Export not working
Version 1.1.1
Fixed! Lifetime license auto updates not working
Version 1.1.0
Added! License activation secured
Version 1.0.9
Improved! All inputs sanitized and ensured that plugin is more secure
Version 1.0.8
Fixed! Minor bugs
Version 1.0.7
Added! New columns in spreadsheet
Added! Filter based results
Added! Results stats
Improved! License activation UI/UX
Improved! Overall UX
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